Friday, 26 August 2011


After months of getting more and more fed up with my hair, today I went and got it permed again. I used to have it curly for several years and loved it, and after all that time, it started to take its toll and my hair was getting quite dry, so I let it grow out, and for the past couple of years have been allowing it to grow, and it got quite long, and latterly more difficult to manage – it was also getting quite lank and greasy and so eventually I decided to go back to my curls which I really loved. So easy to manage too!

This is what I looked like this morning – “Before” – taken by Wonderwoman:

1 Long Hair Front View

2 Long Hair Back View

and “after” – taken by my hubby:

3 Curls Front View

4 Curls Back View

It’s still a wee bit damp in these pictures. I love my currlzzzz!!!!!


  1. Definitely like the curls more! Suits you! x

  2. you look FANTASTIC with curls

  3. It looks FAB shoshi, LOve all thgose curls just a quick damp and scrunch in the morning and its done.
    Now as for the first two photo, where were your other 2 sisters
    Mad witches come to mind ROFL
    Sorry love ya

  4. bahahahahah ,you will never look at a frog the same way again LOL

  5. ROFL OH GAG lol

    Yum frog icecream with fly topping LOL

  6. I think its great with curls..very pre-Raphaelite.
    And thank you for all your comments on my blog. Much appreciated.

  7. oh wow your hair looks fabulous.... I love it.

  8. WOW Shoshi, I LOVE IT!!! IT's funny, as after my hysterectomy, my hair became quite curly, just as yours is now and I love it, as all I have to do is wash it, add in some conditioning and some gel stuff and go! Easy Peasy! *Hugs*

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE your new dew Shoshi!!!!! I agree with everyone....curls are definately for YOU!!! Looks beautiful!!!!


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