Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Thanks again to Julia for organising another blog hop around our messy desks midweek (some more messy than others, I have to say!) – link on my sidebar for anyone who doesn’t know what this is all about and who’d like to join in the fun.

Not much of interest on my table this week, I’m afraid. We had our village fete on Bank Holiday Monday and I bought a few bits and pieces for my ARTHaven (I may post about those another time as there’s some fun stuff!) and included was the little fabric caddy thing on my table that I’ve started putting my tools in. It’s a lot better, and a lot prettier, than my old jam jar!

WOYWW 117 31-8-11

The rest of the stuff on the table is as a result of my having a clear-out today. Now I’ve finished my painted ATC cards I want to start some new projects, and I’ve got a parcel of goodies arriving in the next day or two and will have to find homes for some new things, so today I started to tidy up a bit. Why is it that when one starts tidying, it always goes through a phase of being even more UNtidy?

I labelled quite a few boxes today and sorted things into them – I get my face creams mail order and they come in 2 sizes of small, strong cardboard boxes with a hinged lid, a bit like the open one on the table but deeper, and they are ideal for putting bits and pieces in. They are dark blue so can’t be easily written on, so I’ve temporarily stuck white labels on them and written on them, but eventually I am hoping to paint them and make them look more pretty.

I also sorted out my hand-made paper flowers and leaves and put them into the little jars on my pegboard over the table. You can’t see those in the photo unfortunately. I spent ages winding up all my florist’s ribbon so that it would take up less room and all go in one of my small boxes with the flower-making tools, and while I was winding and getting sore thumbs doing it, I thought of all those nurses in the hospitals in World War I (my grandmother was one of them) who spent so many hours rolling bandages. I wonder they didn’t get RSIs doing that!

So – nothing terribly productive this week apart from my nappy liner experiments which you can read about in a previous post.

Before I go, could I please ask you all to read my post of today, entitled “Help for Crafty Karen”? I’d be most grateful!

Happy WOYWW everybody!


  1. Hi there Shoshi you are having fun there with your cleaning up - happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x

  2. I always know I'm at the "tipping" point of a a big organization or redo when it looks the worst. From then on, it's all gravy. Hope you get it all cleaned and put away easily. Happy day after WOYWW.

  3. God's morning to you Shoshi. Like the photos...looks like my wife's craft room. God bless, Lloyd

  4. I know just what you mean about it looking even worse before it gets better. LOL It looked like a paperbomb went off in my craftroom before it started looking better.
    Happy WOYWW


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