Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Another week gone by! I can’t believe this is my third WOYWW! (If you want to know what it’s all about, click the WOYWW link on the right.)

WOYWW 113 3-8-11

This week I’ve been working on the mount for the shadow box I’m making for our nephew’s wedding present. You can see the stamped butterflies which I’ve painted with acrylic glaze and then covered with Golden glass bead gel which really makes them sparkle! The frame itself, with its box, is balanced on the left, and you can just see the blue butterfly inside.

Also on my table is the pile of mounting board ATCs primed with gesso, and various pots of gel mediums, paints etc. My hubby bought me some Friendly Plastic pellets yesterday and you can see the pot at the back of the table.

At the front of the table are 2 ATCs I’m working on. These started as experimental pieces, painting on foil, which I thought I might use for the frame mount but then changed my mind and decided the silver mirror board was better. The ATCs have a bit of scrim added, which is also painted, and yesterday I added some beige embroidery thread and some small wooden beads to resemble the floats on fishing nets.

Immediately above the ATCs are a couple of packs of charms I got in the post today – they are metal and very pretty – one set is on a seaside theme, with shells, fish etc. and I’m going to make moulds of these with silicone mould-making putty, and cast some embellishments for the ATCs. Not sure what medium I’m going to use yet as I need to try a few things out.

It’s been a week of experimenting really – the shadow box project is moving forwards pretty slowly because I’m learning new techniques on the job. Also, I haven’t done much because of energy problems and having to rest. Hopefully I’ll have done a bit more by next WOYWW!

Hope you’ve all had a good, productive day and have lots of interesting stuff on your tables. Off to have a look in a minute!


  1. I think the bead gel on top of the butterflies is a stroke of genius, I can imagine how irridescent and sparkly they look. Part of the fun of a project is learning and taking your time, so I think you're going at it perfectly!

  2. thanks for the peek. Lots of interesting projects going on. Have a great crafting day


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