Monday, 22 August 2011

Painted ATCs–Complete

I have now finished painting the ATCs, and as well as painting the leaves, I have added a few finishing touches such as some additional highlights and shadows, and the leaf veins.

I have made 27 in all – it may seem a funny number, but I can get 9 ATCs from a sheet of A4, and I used 3 sheets. I have made 4 or 5 of each of 6 different designs, and having done an ATC-sized drawing of each, I can replicate the ATCs in the future should I want to.

Here is the complete set.

08 ATCs Painted

Now for the close-up shots of the individual ATCs.


10 Daisies


11 Harvest


12 Ivy


13 Poppies


14 Strawberries


15 Vine

The following is a picture of one of each of the six designs together with some card I’ve cut ready for matting and layering and adding to some cards.

16 1st Mat

This has been an interesting project, and I’m very pleased with how these ATCs have turned out. However, the scale is really too small for the true “paint fusion” technique except for the larger elements such as the poppy flowers; I have had to do a lot of it with a fine round brush, adding highlights and or shadows separately as required, which is fine, but a bit more labour intensive!

Over the next couple of days, I hope to make up the cards to give my volunteer carers who have come in while my hubby has been away. He’s returning tomorrow! Yaaayyy!!!


  1. Gorgeous! Each and every one of them! I am in awe of your artistic talents (give me a paint brush and all I can do is paint a wall :) )

  2. These are beautiful Shoshi, LOve all the flower designs, Keep changing my mind on the one I like the best, I want one


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