Friday, 19 August 2011

Painted ATCs

Following on from my WOYWW 115 post where I showed the starting point of this new project, I’ve now done a bit more on them.

To recap: here are the ATCs primed with gesso and painted with blue acrylic paint in readiness for the application of crackle glaze.

01 Gesso and Blue Acrylic

Here they are after I’d painted them with crackle glaze and the top coat of cream coloured acrylic paint.

02 Crackle-Glaze Backgrounds

After I’d peeled all 27 of them off my two craft sheets, I looked at the mess that was left and thought I’d better start scraping it all off, when I thought that it actually made a rather interesting design!

Painted Non-Stick Craft Sheet Background 18-8-11

If necessary, the colours could be digitally altered and then the image could be printed as a background, and then images or embellishments could be inserted in the “frames.” Endless possibilities!

Last night I started working on the artwork. After looking at various images, I did as series of pencil sketches on the themes I had decided on for the ATCs. These are the strawberries, vines and harvest.

03 Sketches - Strawberry Vine & Harvest

Most likely I shan’t put the text on the ATCs that I use for cards, but I might use them on stand-alone ATCs.

These are the other pencil sketches I did, of daisies and poppies.

04 Sketches - Daisy & Poppy

I’ve got a few ideas for some more, but will probably work on these few to start with.

The next step was to finalise the design for each one. I have started doing an ATC-sized drawing of each:

05 ATC-Sized Drawings

which I have outlined with permanent black marker pen. I then copied each onto the ATCs.

06 ATCs with Outline Drawings

These lines will serve as guidelines for the painting, although I think they work pretty well as line drawings on the crackle-glaze background! I might keep a few like this – I’ve got plenty to play with, after all!

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  1. Oh you're going to have some pretty ATCs when you're finished with these.


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