Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Infusions, Stencilling, iPad Zentangle and WOYWW 406

My desk this week.

WOYWW 406 15-3 17

At the back you can see my teabag stain sheet propped up, resting on the Florabunda card toppers I made recently (haven’t made them up into cards yet). On the table in front you can see my Infusions experiments. Between the two piles you can see a white oval thing. In case you are wondering what it is, it’s this upside down:

Broken Romanian Egg

I’ve got a set of painted Romanian eggs and this week one of them fell down and got broken. I couldn’t bear to throw it away so I filled the back with Polyfilla, and once it’s set hard, I shall sand away the back to make it flat and use it as some sort of embellishment on a project – maybe to decorate the lid of a box?

I have been doing quite a bit of creative stuff during the week. I had a wonderful play with my Infusions (both the old set and the new) and am planning on making a mini-album out of the samples, with a description of what I did on each one. The first samples were just to showcase the colours.

01 Both Sets and Sample Sheets

You can read about this here.

I have also prepared some other pages for this mini-album, using Polyfilla One-Fill through a selection of stencils.

03 Polyfilla Stencil Sheets

Infusions work very well with stencils and moulding paste. I shall probably add some other effects to these pages, too. See this post for details.

Next, I’ve been working on some small Zentangle tiles on the iPad Pro, using the Apple Pencil.




Paradise Garden B&W

Paradise Garden Colour


I have added colour to a couple of them. Working on the iPad I can keep the colour on a separate layer which means that I can recolour the original drawing differently if I want. See the posts here and here for details.

Finally, I’ve completed one more piece for my embroidery project, and this is the result.

13 Red Stripes with Gold French Knots

14 Red Stripes with Gold French Knots Close Up

Unfortunately the light wasn’t terribly good for these last photos, and all those gold French knots look rather dull! I do wish photos would pick up sparkly stuff better…

Health Update

Today it is exactly six weeks since my emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction and to perform a temporary repair on my parastomal hernia which was the cause of the problem. This week I really feel I have turned the corner and I’m feeling very much better now, and have started doing a few more things. The fact that I actually want to do things, and am thinking more about what I want to do as time goes on, is a good indication of how much better I am feeling. At this stage I am ready to be reintroducing some fibre into my diet – I’ve been on the low residue diet all this time, to allow things to rest and heal up properly. I’ve eaten a couple of pieces of fruit over the past couple of days with no ill effect, and I am looking forward to sampling some more adventurous vegetables – baby steps to start with as I don’t want to overload my system!

The district nurse made her final visit last Thursday and removed the remaining two small dressings from my wound, which is now nice and dry. It still looks quite angry, which takes a bit of getting used to, as I’d got so used to it as it was before they opened it up again, and it seems to have shrunk a bit, causing mounds of flesh either side, so you could say I now have a second cleavage!! I am sure things will settle down in time – one’s body always changes shape after surgery like this and what it looks like at any given time is no indication of what will be its final shape.

I’ve gained a couple of pounds since leaving hospital and I’m not over-keen on gaining too much more! Now I’m so much better and starting to eat normally again, I am considering re-starting my 5:2 diet fairly soon.

The granny frame is now in the loft, and I am back to using my crutches and trolley again. This is great – the trolley is a lot easier to steer, and I can carry stuff around on it! I suddenly feel a lot more normal. My hubby is still doing the meals and still bringing me breakfast in bed, but I have started doing the odd bit of washing up, and am now doing the laundry again, which is also helping me feel much more normal, and giving me the feeling that I’m getting my life back again!


  1. Happy WOYWW. You have been busy. I love the IPad tangles as usual. I really want an IPad - just seen a great mixed media magazine that is only available on ITunes. I keep hinting to hubby, as unless I win the Lottery it will be a few years before I can afford to get one myself. Glad to hear that you are feeling stronger. Ali x #27

  2. Hi Shoshi. Well done - you are certainly beginning to feel much better, looking at the amount you have done this past week!!! So pleased for you.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #5

  3. I am thrilled to see that you're feeling well enough to be back in your studio creating! I LOVE the Zentangles you made on your iPad, although I'm a little jealous that I don't have the iPad Pro... LOL! Anyway, blessings to you and your husband, and may you continue to heal and find pleasure in your studio and other creative endeavors.

  4. I'm so glad that you are up to regular crafting again and are recovering well. You have certainly been busy this week. Those zentangles are amazing. Sarah #25

  5. So pleased to hear that your health has improved so much ... doing the laundry sounds so mundane but I can appreciate the lift it has given you.
    Take care, rest is still good.
    Christine #23

  6. Oh my goodness Shoshi, I've had a blog break for a few weeks and had no idea you've had such a horrid time - you have certainly made my meagre problems pale into insignificance! I've just scrolled back and caught up with most of what's been going on and I have to say I'm very glad you are feeling so much better. What an ordeal.

    After getting into a terrible mess with Infusions I reckon I'd have to be a lot more than fighting fit to face working with them again, so I am very impressed that you've been tackling them during recovery!! I love your zentangles and particularly like the one with three arches, or should I say one arch with two half arches - it's very beautiful and has an Indian feel to me.
    I hope you continue to gain strength and enjoy getting back to more exciting foods!
    Diana x

  7. Hi Shoshi, so happy to hear you feeling better. I understand totally how it feels when you know you have just turned a corner- healing is such a strange thing, isn't it? Beautiful colours from those infusions, I can see me buying a set very soon!Love and hugs to you. XxXx

  8. Pleased to see you're feeling well enough to do so much crafty stuff. look forward to seeing what else you get up to. Happy crafty woyww, Angela x19x

  9. So glad to hear that you're feeling on the mend and you've been crafty again! Wow - you have been busy! I LOVE the Zentangles. They are really beautiful. All your backgrounds look great too.

    Sharon K #31

  10. Great to read that you're starting to feel as if you've turned the corner..certainly your post reveals that - so nice to read that you've picked up and got really into stuff. Love that you buy all the stuff and do the experimenting too - that is so not part of the fun for me. Funny how we are all so differently wired!

  11. So glad you are starting to feel better! It's when we can once again do those menial chores that we start feeling human again - I can empathize. However, I think you should let hubby continue to bring you breakfast in bed - indefinitely!! Your zentangles are absolutely stunning! You have been having lots of fun experimenting I can see, and using the moulding paste - those cards will look wonderful once there's some colour on them! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #39

  12. Hi Shoshi wasn't WOYWWing last week so popped over to see how things were and so glad to see the good news, I pray the turning of that corner has continued indeed, its such a blessing to be feeling more normal and not hurting and unwell most of time.
    Lovely fun zentangling, I'm guessing it's an app you download and select options.. have an iPad but think I prefer a hands on with craft 😁
    God bless and keep you dear Shoshi, and thanks for sharing your inspiration!
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  13. Isn't it funny how even doing the washing up can give you a sense of freedom? It's definitely good that you can carry stuff on your trolley. When I had my leg in a cast, many years ago, I used a kitchen chair to help me get around and I would put my breakfast on it and transport it to my room so I can watch telly while eating. I remember, even that little thing gave me a sense of accomplishment. Glad to hear you're back on your feet and getting around - and keeping yourself extremely busy with artmaking! Great idea to fill the broken egg with Polyfilla. Indeed, it would have been a shame to throw it away! Loving all your projects - those zentangles are so intricate - as is the embroidery! Hope to see you on the next WOYWW - I had to skip this one! xx


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