Wednesday, 10 May 2017


I’ve managed to put in a bit of studio time this week, and have put together a few more pages for my Infusions samples mini-album. I’ve decided there are too many pages to bind into a normal book, so I’m planning on having three, arranged one above the other, in a single larger cover, which will deal with the problem of too much thickness, and also create a more interesting book.

Not a very interesting view of my desk this week but here it is. Sorted pages on the left. The bundle on the right are ready to be made up – I need to paint some more loo rolls with black gesso and then stick the samples on.

WOYWW 414 10-5-17

I also made a thank-you card this week, based on an idea I had for my Mamhead mini-album last year – tracing on parchment over a photo.

05 Finished Card with Sentiment

I did manage to complete another piece of embroidery.

16 Primary Colours on Striped Background


Yesterday our neighbour blocked up the old defunct ventilator and installed a new one, ready for my new walk-in pantry.

04 Old Ventilator Bricked Up

Once this is dry, he will come back and plaster it, and fit the grille over the new ventilator.

Tomorrow evening the kitchen fitter and carpenter are coming round to have a look at the site for the new pantry, so we can discuss the way forward. Neither can start the work for a month or two so in the meantime I am continuing in Mum’s tiny kitchen in the flat.

Health Update

I didn’t make WOYWW last week because there was quite a lot on, and I had a hospital appointment on the Thursday before, and since then I’ve been very tired. I saw my surgeon, and he booked me in for a CT scan to see if the hernia had come back, as he said his examination was inconclusive, and he was a bit concerned about it. Full details here. He said that unless the hernia returns, I won’t be having an operation to do a more permanent repair, which I’m not too happy about, but we shall have to wait and see. At the weekend I got the appointment through for the scan, which is this coming Sunday at lunch time.

I still haven’t got my support pants for the hernia. I am really fed up with the whole situation. The stoma nurse is now aware of the situation and will be writing to the company, so I hope it gets sorted soon.

I seem to be taking a bit of a dip with my ME at the moment, with more than usual fatigue, brainfog and bad sleeping. It’s a bore, but nothing to be done except rest and hope it improves again soon. There has been rather a lot going on lately which probably accounts for it.


  1. Glad you have had some creating time to take your mind off things.

  2. Hi Shoshi - glad your infusions albums are progressing well! I love the colours and textures of where your neighbour blocked up the old ventilator - that is fabulous abstract art inspiration....

  3. That thank you card is just so beautiful... I may just have to have a go at that :)
    I do hope your medical probs are sorted soon... I have to wait until September just to get a brain scan! Still... better late than never I guess :)

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    Bubbles (PatchworkApples) #13

  4. Sorry to hear your medical news (I did miss catching up with you last week, but totally understandable). It almost sounds as if it would be better if the hernia were back, because then they'll do a proper job of sorting it (sucks for you and sounds ridiculous to me). Glad you managed some crafting this week and that there is some progress in the kitchen (even baby steps are better than nothing). Sarah #25

  5. Hi Shoshi! Sorry I haven't been around for a while. Good to see that you're keeping yourself busy. I've always wanted a walk-in pantry. I like the idea of having stuff on shelves at eye level. At the moment I have to go down on hands and knees to get stuff out of the cupboard. Some things get push to the back and forgotten about - only to be found months or even years later when they'd done off. Such a pain! Hope your hernia will get sorted. Surely it would be better to operate as a prevention rather than wait for an emergency to happen again! This reminds me, when I once lost a filling and called for an emergency appointment, they told me they could only give me an appointment if I was in pain. The earliest non-emergency appointment they could give me was in a year's time. I kid you not! In the end, I found a different dentist.
    Good idea to make three separate booklets inside the same cover. Almost like signatures.
    Hope to be around more from now on! xx

  6. Hi Shoshi, so annoying that the medical stuff is taking so long. But that scan came through fast! Mine was a Saturday, sounds like most of them must be very heavily booked. Great job with the card. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #8 XxXx

  7. it doesn't seem surprising to me that your ME is being problematic with all that is going on. off to read your other post now. Glad the infusions are still progressing. Helen #2

  8. You have been enjoying yourself at last. Sorry about your health upsets, I had a quiet laugh to myself thinking of you without your panties on ..... hope your new ones arrive soon.
    Christine #22

  9. Hello Shoshi- my creativity helps me to relax and adjust to whatever has hit the windshield (you would say, windscreen, wouldn't you?) of my life, so to speak. I'm glad you've had some fun time in spite of the latest fly on your own windscreen/windshield. Evelyn has made a very interesting point about the accidental abstract in your pantry! May I use your photograph for the making of some digital ATC blanks? If not, that's OK.
    Glad you could join us this time !
    Rose of Rose's Art Garden

  10. Well, I've just realised that it's all about the doing for you isn't it....for me it's the result, and I don't want to take too much time getting there! For you it's all about the journey. And loo rolls!

  11. Hi Shoshi, you're industrious and creative in spite of everything and I think that's awesome!!! Love your card, well done!! And pray the best result will come from that scan, after all we don't know what the future holds but we know Who holds the future, as we commit it to Him. In God we trust... amd rest.. big prayer hugs dear friend.
    Thanks for sharing your space!
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  12. I hope all of this doesn't get you too down, you are still creating which is great, AND you have your wonderful new kitchen to look forward to as well! I hope those new pants come soon, and that can can focus on the positive things in your life! Looking forward to seeing your finished loo-books! Happy belated WOYWW! Lindart #37


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