Monday, 28 June 2010

Folders for ATCs–Video

When I said in my last post that I'd embed the video "tomorrow" I really meant "today" lol - I keep such weird hours that it's always "tomorrow" already by the time I get to bed!!!

Anyway, it's today now. (Or is that just toooo Alice in Wonderland??) so I'm going to embed the video! Here goes.


  1. FABULOUS Shoshi!! THANKS so much for sharing and for sharing Ikki's sideways emboss just part technique...LOVE IT!!

  2. GREAT Tutorial Shoshi!!!!! Loved it ma'am

  3. wow, how cool is that, to watch you making the card you sent me!!! thankyou so much for the card Shoshi, it really cheered me up at a difficult time.

  4. Well done - I think you are very brave tackling a video tutorial. Impressed. Thanks for the mention, pleased you found something useful in the Cupboard. ikki


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