Monday, 7 June 2010

Explosion Box Pt 6

Explosion Box update: I managed to make the lid tonight. I had to redo it, actually - my first attempt was way too flimsy, and not deep enough, and it wasn't strong enough to stop a major explosion of the box!!

This is what it looks like at this stage:

12 Lid On

As you can see, the sides are quite bulgy because of the amount of stuff inside, all straining to get out! I am going to have to reinforce the sides with panels glued on. I already intended to put decorative panels on the sides, and these may have to be in addition, as they may not be big enough to strengthen the sides. The decorative panels will be enhanced with the Spellbinders Nestability dies you can see on the table beside the box, and there will be some stamping in the centre of each.

The top of the lid will be decorated with paper flowers and butterflies, and I've got a very pretty length of red and gold striped ribbon off an Easter egg which is just long enough to go round the sides of the lid.

There are one or two drawbacks. One is that it's quite hard to gather all the flaps together in order to put the lid on - an extra hand would be useful! Also, one or two of the flaps occasionally get caught against each other during the explosion process, which rather spoils the effect. This is due to the raised decoration on them. Probably a simpler design would work better, but we shall have to see!

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