Tuesday, 22 June 2010

SatNav Waterfall Album Card - Video

If you look back to my post on Wed. 19th May, you'll see the photos I took of this card.

I have now made a video of it:

Hope you enjoy it!

I'm in the process of uploading a 3-part video to Youtube, all about my recent craft-making acquisitions, so watch this space...

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  1. Hi, Hope you are well this morning and enjoying the summer sun!! Well done on your card and video, and good news that you were able to visit your dad on his birthday. His card was fab, very clever crafting and no wonder that he was thrilled with it. Thanks for your comments on the resist technique, I have seen the embossing method in my TH's book - it does look interesting and is another thing on my list of to do's. Thanks for mentioning the Cupboard in your new video, I will look forward to seeing it. Take care,and enjoy your DI's. ikki


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