Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Explosion Box Pt 4

I had a very bad day health-wise yesterday, after all the activities on my birthday, so I didn't touch the explosion box for a couple of days. However, today I felt a bit better and had a good long session working on the inner box:

07 Inner Box

Here is the inner box in place on the outer box:

08 Inner Box Affixed to Outer Box

and finally with the sunflower placed in the centre. It is not fixed yet.

09 - Sunflower in Place

Doing a mock-up of the final assembly has thrown up one or two problems. The central rose bud on each flap of the outer box is too thick, and prevents the box from closing now the inner box is in place, so these have had to be removed. I shall probably replace them with a matching flat flower. The outer rose buds are fine, and have the effect of preventing the inner box flaps from fallling down absolutely flat, which looks a lot better.

I have also discovered that cutting the inner box flaps exactly the same height as the outer box flaps was a mistake - the thickness of the card raises the inner flaps up a bit too high when the box is in the closed position, which will mean that the lid won't go on fully. They will therefore have to be trimmed by about 1/8 in. which is a bit unfortunate as the borders around the design on each will no longer be the same at the top as at the sides... Can't be helped but at least I'll know if I do another one. It's all a learning curve!

The paper decorating the inner box flaps is "Cor-dination" paper - made of 2 layers of different colours. I put each one through my Cuttlebug embossing machine, using the only 2 embossing dies I own so far - "Swiss Dots" and "Jamara" on two of each of the flaps. I inserted the flaps into the Cuttlebug folder opposite ways up, i.e. one pink side up and the other white side up. After embossing, I sanded each one with a sanding block, and the underneath colour was then revealed where the surface of the raised embossed part was rubbed away. I thus ended up with one pink-on-white and the other white-on-pink for each design, which is quite effective.

I have also enhanced certain elements with Glimmer Mist spray which gives a gorgeous iridescent finish.

Further work to be done: Each flap has a pocket on it, and I am going to make a small card for each one, with little messages on them. Some of them will be mini-pop-up cards. I also have to finish making the lid - so far I've only got the basic structure made of a single layer of card, which is not too robust. This will be decorated with further flowers. I also need to make panels for the outside of the outer box flaps, which will probably be embossed and stamped. I am waiting for a Spellbinders Nestability set to arrive, which I am hoping to use for this.

I also need to make the springy flowers on their strips of Easter egg packaging! Mustn't forget to do those as they will add to the fun!

So... Still quite a bit to do! My friend is coming home tomorrow from her few days away, and I have emailed her suggesting we meet up and take her for lunch the following week, to allow her time to recover after her return. This will give me another week to finish it! This should be ample time, but I do have to factor in the days when I am not well enough to do anything.

I am thoroughly enjoying this project, especially now that it is coming together and starting to look like something!

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