Thursday, 10 June 2010

Explosion Box Pt 8

I've finished the Explosion Box! - and in the nick of time, too. We're taking our friend out for lunch tomorrow to celebrate our mutual belated birthday together, and I'm giving it to her then.

Because I'd only taken photos of the "work in progress" and not in an ideal setting, I've re-taken photos of the finished box in daylight and with a better background, which really show it off better.

01 Side View

02 Side View 2

03 Top View

05 Open 1

06 Open 2

08 Card 1 Zion's Children

09 Card 2 Seven-Flower Pop-Up

10 Card 3 Eighty

11 Card 4 A Friend Loves at All Times

12 Card 5 Happy is He - Red Hearts

13 Card 6 Embroidered Shalom

14 Card 7 Exploding Bouquet

15 Card 8 Lilies

I have also made a video:



  1. i loved the video shoshi, lovely to hear your voice again and im sure your friend will be so happy to recieve such a special and amazing gift!!!

    nilla xx

  2. Thanks Nilly! Lovely to see you on my blog!
    Shoshi xx

  3. this is stunning, its so nice and bright she will love it, I Do

  4. wow this is awesome Shoshi..I love it....

  5. Oh Shoshi...That is AMAZING girl...I LOVE all the eye candy!!!! Your voice is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  6. Shoshi!! Your friend is going to love it! you have so much details it's amazing!! Love your voice!!


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