Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Card Making Equipment - Videos

Edit: 5 years on: This blog post shows my very limited beginnings. I have left it in to show how much I have developed and grown since that time. I have now moved on from a collection of boxes of basic equipment, via a room in our old house which was combined studio and office, to a fully-equipped studio dedicated to all my creative endeavours. My videoing skills have improved a great deal, too. I hope this blog post encourages others on their own journeys and helps them realise that everyone has to start somewhere!

I've now finished making the video of my equipment - it's in 3 parts so it would go on Youtube. This is probably pretty basic stuff for a lot of seasoned card-makers and papercrafters out there, but I'm just getting started with this lovely new equipment, and there are probably plenty of beginners like me who might benefit from them! I hope they will suffice as an introduction to the sort of equipment and materials that are available.

Hopefully as time goes on I shall make more videos, which will show this stuff in action.

Hope you enjoy them.

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  1. Hey Soshi....Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog...the cut files are in formats for the cutting machines out there.....I use the Cricut Expression and they use the .svg format along with a program called Sure Cuts Alot.....I've done a tutorial on how to create the Nestibility affect...... You can find it here.... http://pennyduncancreations.blogspot.com/p/nesties-tutorial.html


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