Friday, 11 June 2010

Video Camera

Everyone on the Brainfog forum has been thrilled by the Explosion Box and my video. One member remarked on how lovely it was to hear birdsong in the background of the video. I had the patio doors open and the birds always sing in our garden. We've got a blackbird who sings his little heart out nearly every day!

I had mixed feelings parting with the Explosion Box, even to my special friend. When you part with something you've made - especially something you've put a lot of effort into - it's as if a part of you has gone into it, and it goes away with the gift. It's like a mini-bereavement when it goes. Doing the video and photos was initially as a record so I didn't forget, but they have had another effect - it will be with me always now!

I was surprised how easy it was to do the video. My first attempt didn't work because I hadn't pressed the right button and I didn't realise the camera wasn't actually recording!!! Doh... I had thought of doing the first bit so you could see my face, but yesterday I was in full Medusa mode with my Benders in my hair and I didn't want to turn the whole Youtube community to stone at a single stroke! My friend said I should have gone for it and let them all see me in my Full Glory!!!

I've watched a lot of videos of card making etc. on Youtube, and I didn't think it could be that hard, setting up the camera on a tripod over the table, but when I'd done it, I discovered the whole thing had come out upside down! However, a quick google search on video editing forums showed me a quick way to turn it the right way up using Windows Movie Maker. After that I edited it in Pinnacle Studio which I'm more familiar with. I had great fun designing the title pages in my photo editor, using a graphic from my blog and my signature platypus to provide continuity across my "online presence." I shall save the title pages for use on other projects, probably keeping the same music (the first movement of Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 4, if anyone's interested).

My friend absolutely loved her explosion box, and said several times, "I can't believe you did all this, just for me!" One of the things I love about her most is her humility. She just can't see what an incredibly special person she is, and how much her friendship means to me. She reminded me today that we've been friends for 22 years!! I couldn't believe it.

We've had a lovely, lovely day together today. I've done a separate post about that.


  1. hi
    gillyflower here
    what a lovely blog glad i came for a visit
    is the exploding box the project you were talking about it's just gorgeous such a lot of work
    feel free to pop to my blog if you wish
    to be honest i don't keep it up to date these days but if i do a big project i do tend to post it but not all the smaller cards i make
    i am a docrafts member too if you want to see my gallery again i'm gillyflower so easy to find
    keep up the crafting and have fun with your new tool
    all the best gill

  2. Hi Gill! Lovely to see you on here! Yes, this is the project I mentioned to you. It was lots of work but such fun to do - I enjoyed every minute. Looking forward to visiting your blog too.

    The Scor-Pal I bought off you on Ebay is just brilliant. Lovely piece of kit - no crafter should be without one imo!

  3. Just been on your blog, Gill - it's absolutely fabulous! I recommend everyone to pay a visit - you'll be inspired!

  4. What a fabulous project your Explosion Box is - so awesome!!! I can see why your friend was so thrilled to receive it. Great blog, too:) Thanks for visiting mine and for all your lovely comments.


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