Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Babies, Royal and Family

We cracked the last bottle of my elderflower champagne tonight, to celebrate the arrival of the as-yet un-named royal baby (my bet is on George!) – how exciting and wonderful it all is, and how thrilled the whole family must be, especially the Queen, not to mention William and Kate.

We also drank the bubbles to celebrate the arrival of a new family member for us – our first great-nephew, Harry Joseph, who made his appearance in far more of a hurry than Baby Cambridge, not waiting for the midwife but being delivered by his doctor father on the sitting room carpet!!! He weighed in at 9 lb 6 oz!! What a whopper. He was born just an hour after Baby Cambridge, so will qualify for one of the special silver pennies being given to babies being born on the same day.

Here is Harry Joseph. Fast asleep!

Harry Joseph First Photo

Brother to Jessica Chloe, now 3 years old, the only girl in my hubby’s all-male clan (apart from his sister who died many years ago). Boys run in practically epidemic proportions in that family.

Many congratulations to everyone who has had a new baby on the same day as Baby Cambridge.


  1. Hi Shoshi,
    I have been following most of your new home stories and look forward to seeing the ARThaven in action!
    Bubbles are much in order for the new kids on the block. We had a laugh at the street parties... Just as well baby Cambridge arrived in Summer.
    As you mention baby weight, I'm reminded of my poor Mum. I was 9 lb 7 and my my brother was over 10 lb. ouch! Hope your little one has a lovely life.
    Happy settling in,

  2. My first son was 10 pounds. Next son 9 plus and my daughter came into world at 7.6z. I could breath. Now ripe old age of 50 is first son. Oh imagine your son-law delivering this beauty. Oh my. A big baby also. Congrats.

    Oh I was so excited for Kate and william. I took the first pictures off the telly instant and posted them up in my blog.

    Having a Mum English. I have followed all the hoot and Annie of Royalty.

    Beside the late D. I think we will see Kate follow suite.

    I like her.

    I also watch cornation Street and I think Tina is similar looking to kate.

    Do you watch Cornation S?


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