Monday, 22 July 2013

My New ARTHaven–Shabby Chic Shelving Unit

The second of two posts today – and a brief one, as there is not much to report on the ARTHaven front today.

Andy has put a second coat of sealant onto the worktops, and this morning I painted the shabby chic shelving unit with acrylic varnish to protect the white paint I put on last week. Andy took this upstairs and we decided on its position. He didn’t want to drill any holes and make dust while the sealant on the worktops was still wet, and he’ll install it when he gets a moment over the next few days.

01 Shabby Chic Unit

You can see the little drawers from the unit, on the shelf beside the fireplace. I have now replaced the china knobs on them.

When my hubby was in Exeter today, he collected something for me which was on order – a goose-neck clamp for my new video recorder.

02 Flexible Photography Clamp

This is the web image of it (not my camera). It is extremely robust and well able to support the weight of my new camera, I am sure. I have got to organise the best way to hold my camera and think this will be a better arrangement than my previous one, or having a tripod on the desk.

No more news from my ARTHaven today, I’m afraid. It’s nearly finished now, anyway – just the free-standing storage units to go along the other side of the office dividing wall, the high shelves for the office and for storing my large flat materials, and the electrics to be connected up once Tim the electrician returns next week.

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  1. Wow! So much fun to is really coming along now!


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