Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My New ARTHaven–Office Section

My second of two posts for today.

Today a friend of ours and his son came with their large van (a TARDIS as it turned out!) to take some things over to the new house for us. Andy had said if I could get the office furniture over, and the storage unit for the ARTHaven, he would be able to plan where to put the high shelves I need.

Over the past couple of days I’ve been organising my room here at home and putting all the office furniture over on one side ready for removal, and I was a bit concerned that it was all far too much and should really be left for the removal men! However, Tom was totally unfazed by it all, and after they’d got the big desk out of the room (a mammoth task in itself), and down the stairs, the rest was a doddle… They put it all in the van and it sort of disappeared down the front, so he said, “Have you got anything else you want taking over?” so I introduced him to some of our packed boxes which have also gone over!

He and his son worked so hard on our behalf and we are very grateful for their help. My hubby went down and got fish and chips for them, and then ice creams for us all afterwards (they always go down well with the building team!) and then they set off home.

I had measured every piece of furniture and spent a lot of time with alternative plans for the best layout for the office section of my ARTHaven, and finally came up with one that will work. The large black desk exactly fills the space across the end wall, with 6 inches to spare! This gap will be used to store my small stepladder. Here is how it looks now.

01 Office Furniture Installed

There is also a bookcase on the right-hand wall but I couldn’t get everything in the photo! Beyond the tall filing cabinet in the left there is a space which will be occupied by the small desk, which will be partially under the left-hand side of the large desk. This small desk is a present in the sitting room, and I am using it when I come over and set up my computer to do various bits of work in between photographing the work in progress.

No further progress on the ARTHaven proper, but Tim will soon be connecting the new power points to the ring main, and installing the lights (maybe on Friday). He will also install some power points in the office section.

Today I tried clipping my new gooseneck camera clamp onto the high shelf above the main work area in the ARTHaven and it looks as if it’s going to do the job admirably! It will be a lot easier to use than the video rig I have at the moment, but that may be necessary over the work area in front of the window as there are no shelves there. Alternatively, I may rig up a removable beam between the two wall units in order to attach the camera and film in that area if necessary. All very satisfactory.

The whole thing is coming together very nicely. Not long now before I can start moving stuff in!

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  1. I am sure it is going to look amazing when all is finished.
    Sandra @69


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