Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Congratulations and great celebrations on the birth of the new royal prince. We have our own new arrival – our first great-nephew, Harry Joseph, born an hour after Baby Cambridge, a very big baby indeed at 9 lb 6 oz! He didn’t mess about either, but decided to make an appearance a full hour before the midwife, being delivered by his own dad on the sitting room carpet!

Harry Joseph First Photo

Not much change on my new ARTHaven since last week – a second coat of sealant on the work surface, and I have finished painting the shabby chic shelving unit which is now ready to put up. The room is nearly finished now – a large shelf still to go up on the wall where my free-standing storage will be, and the electrics to connect up, and some lighting.

01 Shabby Chic Unit

Lots of other work going on in the rest of the house – please see my other blog posts to keep up with the progress.

I am typing this just before midnight on Tues. evening as I am hoping to go over to the new house early tomorrow morning – Paul is picking up the bath from our garage and taking it over, and if there’s room in his van I will go with him, or my hubby says he’ll take me. I may amend this later if there’s more to report.

Meantime, happy WOYWW everybody. I probably won’t get a number from Julia until later on Wednesday unless she posts before I go out, but hopefully someone will pop in before then!


  1. Gosh, I would be hardly able to contain myself from putting gear into your haven!!Must be so exciting Shoshi.
    Wow!!What a BIG bubba!! Oh dear, delivery on lounge room floor must have been pretty stressful!
    Judy xx

  2. Congratulations what a proud royal grandparent you are, and that is one big baby, poor mum lol, Your art haven is getting along so well. Every post that goes up has me green with envy you know that lol
    Bridget #24

  3. Oh my gosh - born at home! (My niece was born on their living room floor, too!) He's a big boy with a memorable birthday - very cool.

  4. Wow that's all so interesting and amazing Shoshi! Fancy your nephew 9lb 6oz!! AMAZING!! ...and delivered before the midwife arrived, that must have been an incredible experience, how wonderful! And your Arthaven is look fab - so clean light and bright, it will be a joy for you to work in it!

  5. Sir Harry is just beautiful. Your house is coming along. I love that bathtub. I bet you'll be happy when its all over. Then you can lay in the tub for real. Have a great weekend. (((HUGS)))
    WOYWW #44

  6. Congratulations on the birth of your great nephew, what a very special birthdate he has. So lovin your craft room, can't wait to see it filled.
    Von #51

  7. Wow so much happening all at once in your home. I am so in love with your new art-haven, it looks fabulous so far and your new bath tub is heavenly. Happy WOYWW! Danie #72

  8. Congratulations great aunt Shoshi! The house is looking great, lots of improvements since the last time I looked. What's the rough date for completion?

    Brenda 28

  9. Yes Julia posted late on Tuesday evening here, I was surprised and I could get to bed!! Baby looks fabulous! and born so quickly too! Well done mum! 9lb 6oz is a whopper! Crafty room looks fabulous and still making me very jealous!! Happy woyww
    ((Lyn)) #36

  10. Sorry I am so late visiting... things just got in the way this week! Congratulations on the big baby... ouch!! The house is coming together nicely too... have had a look at your recent updates and it looks like its all go over there! Annette #17


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