Monday, 8 July 2013

My New ARTHaven–A Sunday Visit

Post No. 2 of 2 today. In the absence of the building team, my hubby and I paid a visit to our new house yesterday afternoon so that he could work in the garden. Not wishing to waste an opportunity to visit, I went along too, and used the time to continue unpacking boxes of ARTHaven stuff. I’ve made quite good progress but goodness, I’ve got sooo much stuff! I hope it’s all going to go in OK!

02 More Box Unpacking

Slowly-diminishing stacks of boxes:

03 Diminishing Piles of Boxes

I am trying to stack things in piles according to where they are ultimately going to go in my ARTHaven, e.g. main work area, heat area, office. Some things I am leaving in boxes, such as a lot of small items which will eventually live around my main work area, e.g. punches, Glossy Accents, water spritzer bottle etc. etc. It will be much easier to take a whole box through on my trolley and sort them in the room itself.

When we first arrived at the house I went straight upstairs to see what had been done in my ARTHaven, and saw that the first worktop had been laid on top of some of the units, and the back edge of it shaped to fit around the fireplace. When I went down again to get my camera, I clean forgot to photograph this! Next time…

The two remaining worktops are now on the landing.

01 ARTHaven Worktops on Landing

In my previous post on progress in the rest of the house, I said that the colour of the mushroom paintwork on the stairs didn’t show up very well. This is a much better picture of it. With the cream above, it will look very nice, I think, and will be a good backdrop for our pictures, and for our magnificent Romanian rug which is going on the landing floor – the only place in the house where it will fit! It is currently hanging in our stairwell, but with the straight staircase in the new house, there isn’t a suitable wall for it. In our previous house, it spent its entire life rolled up under the stairs!

Looking at the above picture, I really quite like the mottled effect of the undecorated walls above the dado! Not sure on balance that we’ll leave it like that, though!

So – not too many ARTHaven pics this time, I’m afraid. Hopefully next time I can show you the worktops being shaped and installed.


  1. Hi Shoshi does look wonderful, certainly light and airy, I could not help wondering how you manage the stairs with your chair? do you have some sort of lift? take care, Shaz.x

  2. Progress, progress! Very cool.


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