Saturday, 11 October 2014

Recycled Mini-Album Pages–Wedding

Lovely to be getting back into the recycled mini-album project again! After yesterday’s effort (please scroll down to see previous post), today I completed a page I have been looking forward to doing – the wedding.

I wanted to use the line “White lace and promises” from one of my favourite Carpenters’ songs, “We’ve Only Just Begun,” so I definitely needed to add some lace to my page. I was able to find lace, ribbon and crochet flowers from my stash – little bits of this and that, in keeping with the recycled theme of the album.

14 Wedding - Selecting the Lace

I went online to find out the best way to stick down lace, and the general consensus of opinion was that the red-backed ultra-sticky double-sided tape was the best, but I did add a little gel medium along the top of the large piece of lace to keep the shape as I manipulated it to fit the curved border of the page. To prevent the stickiness of the double-sided tape in the holes in the lace, I brushed it with talc.

15 Wedding - Sticking Down the First Piece of Lace

I stuck down two photos using soft matt gel medium, tucking the right-hand one under the large lace, and then stuck down some narrow lace around two sides of the left-hand photo with the ultra-sticky double-sided tape, gathering it around the top and corner, and brushed it with talc as before.

16 Wedding - Photos, Lace and Doilies

I cut two pieces from the edge of a small doily and fixed them down at the bottom of the photo on the left-hand side, using soft matt gel medium.

Then it was time to work on the border for the left-hand page, and I continued the alternate stripes of black and white, with titanium white acrylic paint, and tidying up afterwards with my white marker, and some black acrylic paint,making them a bit wider than before, and adding some flowers in between, using my white marker pen. I also added some dots, and some wavy lines and dots around the photos, and ultimately some little white flowers and hearts on the pages.

17 Wedding - Borders

From my stash I found a short length of narrow creamy-white ribbon and used my bow maker to create two bows – the larger one was a double bow (wrapping the ribbon round the bow maker twice before forming the knot), and glued these down with hot glue, twisting the ribbon and leaving the ends free.

18 Wedding - Ribbons

At this stage, I also added some silver gilding wax to the doily pieces.

The final step as far as the embellishments were concerned was the addition of a few crochet flowers. I made a lot of these some time ago for my stash, and found some that were small enough – some are quite large, and with several layers, making them too thick for this project.

19 Wedding - Crochet Flowers

Again, these were fixed down with hot glue. I added some liquid pearls (white opal) to the centres and left them to dry overnight.

The final stage of the project was to add some text, and I did this with my white marker pen, putting the date and venue, and adding the words “White lace and promises” on the right hand side of the page.

The completed page.

20 Wedding - Finished Page Blurred

Here are some detail shots.

21 Wedding Detail - Top L

22 Wedding Detail - Top Centre Blurred

23 Wedding Detail - Bottom L

24 Wedding Detail - Top R

25 Wedding Detail - Centre

26 Wedding Detail - Text

This will be the most feminine page in the whole album, and I have so enjoyed creating it!


  1. Your album is a treasure:)
    I love every little detail and you have added so much . . . and yet it is not over done . . . perfect, that's what it is, Perfect:)

  2. I so love the album with the lace and ribbons. What a lovely idea.


  3. I would have never though to try this... It's a Beautiful Idea!! Now you got me think'in.....
    Thanks for stopping by for a vist, and leaving such kind words too!!!

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog, Shoshi. I'm happy that I visited yours. I love the Carpenters ---- we played that song at our wedding! Your album is beautiful. I enjoyed reading about the various techniques that you used on these pages. Love that the border continues throughout. I understand the happiness in creating this beautiful, feminine page. Very well done. :)

  5. Oh wow!!! This is gorgeous!!! The photos are so sweet and I just love the lace and crocheted embellishments! You are creating a treasure!


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