Wednesday, 8 October 2014


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I haven’t had much time this week to do anything much creative, because I’ve spent about four days on the recliner resting and feeling exhausted. I think our recent busy-ness has been catching up with me. Also, being the first week of the month, I have been busy doing the accounts, which I have now finished. In addition to this, two or three weeks ago I had to apply for a new blue badge (disabled parking badge) and sent off the application to Devon County Council, only to have it returned and to be informed that I now had to apply to our local town council since we’d moved. The form duly arrived, and of course it was different, and required different documentation, so apart from the (quite embarrassingly awful) photo I had done in a photo booth recently, I’ve had to more or less reapply from scratch. What a pain it all is! It seems these days that you can’t move without having to provide at least 3 documents proving your identity, and I have nothing with a recent photo on it.

Anyway, to my desk. This is what that end of my ARTHaven looks like today:


On the left, on the curve, is my iMac. Balanced on top of my little rack of tapes is the gorgeous pincushion made for me by Lunch Lady Jan a few years ago when we did an ATC swap with WOYWW. My distress inks are all out because I’ve got fed up with them in a box, and have yet to decide how on earth I’m going to store them… On the main desk is my latest masterboard which I completed last night (see previous post). This is what it looks like now.

09 Distress Ink through Sequin Waste

You can see the brown one I made, on the pulled-out unit to the right of the picture, beside my new envelope punch board.

The other night I spent quite a long time cutting up a new set of alphabet stamps that came with my recent new parcel of stash, and sticking them down onto EZ Mount Foam. Even with my Tim Holtz scissors that have non-stick blades, it was an extremely sticky and unpleasant job! Not my favourite occupation but it had to be done.

I am hoping to have more time and energy for art during the coming week. I have been finding it very frustrating that what small supplies of energy I have, tend to get used up doing things I have to do, and then there’s none left for any fun! I’ve had the result of my blood test and I am still anaemic, so back on the iron again. Shoshi pumping iron lol!

Happy WOYWW, everyone.


  1. I really love how you have workdesk all set out, I have the same trouble with storing my inks, I have mine stored in a storage container on my desk but I hate having to sort thru it to get the ink that you know is going to be at the bottom lol...
    Hope you make time to craft.....


  2. Your work space looks wonderful Shoshi. Good luck with the iron tablets.

  3. A Haven indeed. What a lovely room you have to craft in and how tidy this portion of it looks.
    Gosh Shoshi, I am not surprised you are feeling tired, you have been busy and now you need to get some rest. I don't count mounting stamps 'rest' either as I hate that job and I end up sticky every time. Secretly I am glad when I have to buy a ready mounted stamp or two - let someone else deal with the stickiness lol.
    Just take care and get back to your full strength.
    Hugs, Neet 29 xx

  4. Sorry you're not up to scratch, Shoshi...take those iron pills with orange, it makes for more efficient iron absorption. Hope you start to pick up soon.
    Hey, it's nice to see the pin cushion is still being used :-) I like your masterboard - it's interesting to see the patterns that are made by stippling through the mesh (sequin waste?)
    Hugs, LLJ 20 xx

  5. Hi Shoshi, hopefully a good rest will leave you feeling somewhat restored. The masterboard is gorgeous, I keep meaning to do some. For the stickyness, I have seen people recommend dipping your scissors in talc or cornflour. Might help. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #36 xx

  6. Hi Shoshi, oooow I'm liking your masterboard, great colours and that's a very neat desk...I too have yet to decide how to store my DI. Hope you're rested and feeling a bit better now. Happy WOYWW RobynO#37

  7. Love your set up and the parent sheet you are working on currently. Pump that iron and feel better! Peg R 44

  8. I love your work area, that amount of counter space I would give anything to have that much desk top. Joynana #51

  9. Good luck with apply for your parking badge. Your work is so cool. #2

  10. Your space is so lovely! I too am blessed to have a cute, original Lunch Lady Jan pin cushion! I adore her. And I know what you mean about using up your energy to do things you have to do when all you want to do is use that precious energy to craft. I am diabetic, so I have my good days when I'm super woman, and then I have days where the energy just isn't there and I barely manage what I have to do! But it makes me feel happy and thankful for everything and every moment. Have a great day! Sandy Leigh #54

  11. Happy WOYWW. I have not joined in this week (all I am doing in my craft room at the moment is computer stuff and decluttering), but still going around for a few visits. Sorry to hear that you have exhausted yourself. It is so frustrating when we just want to get busy and do lots, but our bodies say no. I agree with you on spending our time doing what needs to be done. So far today I have done some housework, put a stew on in the slow cooker and walked the dogs/fed ponies etc. New digikits are begging to be played with - but there literally aren't enough hours in the day or enough energy. Bought myself a laptop, so I can do some designing and photo stuff in the evenings. It arrives on Friday and looking forward to not being stuck in my craft room. I also have one of those envelope punch boards - it is brilliant. Ali x

  12. Dear Shoshi, your artistic space is so organized . . . I need you here to give me some tips and ideas for storage:)
    I know exactly what you are talking about with not having energy for fun. Yesterday, after running errors and shopping, I was so beat that I sat down to eat a bite and fell asleep. Seems my energy as got up and left . . . wherever it went, I sure hope in returns soon:)
    Have a great day . . . I hope you have some time to play:)

  13. Shoshi, I wish I could come over there and give you a big old HUG!! I hate you have been pooped! Blessings with that parking badge! You take that iron and get back up to snuff! I continue to be so jealous of your work space! I just want to come over and play, LOL!! I also love what you are working on! I don't have any of Deep Red stamps, but so want to try them. This set looks so yummy! And I totally want Ryn's water droplet stamp! That thing just rocks! Thanks for sharing and I will keep you lifted up my friend! Blessings to you! :)

  14. nice neat crafty space. I did some research on the masterboard and brusho paints since I last 'talked' with you. Masterboard comes up some kind of building material but the Brusho looks like awesome pigment. I might try a Gelli print and doctor it up to see how it goes. Rest up and get to feeling better. I read with Fibro and ME iron levels are actually low in most people. Part and partial of the syndromes. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #25

  15. Your art haven looks absolutely delicious, Shoshi--so organized and tidy!

    (Mine is a disaster right now, bleah!)

    Happy woyww!
    #77ish this week, working on
    an Alice themed altered book

  16. Your desk looks such a great place to work and play, I hope you soon feel energised enough to use it. And I hope the badge comes through soon - I don't know how we'd manage without Mum's one. Have a great week, Chris # 23

  17. I have enjoyed reading how you created your wonderful master boards in your previous blog. I am still experimenting but yours are great. Thanks for sharing!
    Lynda B 7

  18. Love your workspace and that masterboard! I have my DI's on purpose made shelves. They weren't cheap but they really work for me, I have all my little bits on them. I feel your pain with the 'admin' - had to try and sort out ta stuff today - nightmare!! Happy WOYWW, Cindy #41

  19. Hi Shoshi, I'm a bit late tonight (I confess i had to watch the great British bake Off)
    Oh what a palaver about your blue badge. If it's any consolation: Spain is a nightmare where form filling is concerned!
    You master board looks great! I'm intrigued by those big brushed.... (make-up brushes?) What do you do with those? Do you use them with the distress ink?
    Thanks for letting me peep over your shoulder.
    Have a good week.

  20. Your space is just like mine! Mac on the left, desk off to the tight, little satellite table perpendicular. It all works so well, Sorry you've been feeling so low energy - but you still manages a lovely masterboard. I am such a fan of them. And on the whole blue badge thing? Seems a little like the NHS, post code lottery thing. DD has CP but I've been told unless she is on the highest mobility rate for DLA she couldn't get blue badge. Other kids at her disability skating group are as able as she is (some more so) yet they have badges. I don;t really feel she NEEDS one, so I've not ever applied. But it would be good to know she could get one if things change. Babble, babble babble :) That's ME!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (4)

  21. Hi Shoshi, just been having a look at you free downloads, must go back when I have a bit more time as they look very interesting. Love the Masterboards you've been doing. Time is running away with me this week as I have been out doing things, taking my mum shopping and visiting friends. Now I need to catch up.
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  22. Your masterboard looks beautiful Shoshi, hope you have more time and energy for solme creative fun this week! Happy WOYWW Annie C #76

  23. Hope you are well rested and ready to go now. I used to suffer from anaemia
    but iron tablets didn't work. My doctor put me on a high dose of folate and now I don't have any trouble. It might be worth asking about. I am so in love with that seashell masterboard. Those stamps are beautiful and the water drop ones too. I never seem to see those sort of stamps here in Oz. Still lovin your fabulous room.
    Rest up and have a great week.
    Von #19 Sorry I'm late but Blogger dropped off the planet yesterday and I didn't get to many blogs.

  24. Sorry to hear you've not been feeling so well. And your work space is such a lovely, organised one too! Love the shell stamps on your Masterboard(?). And I absolutely have to have those water drop stamps :)
    Thanks for dropping by too :)

  25. Hi Shoshi
    thanks for dropping by my blog for WOYWW and leaving a comment plus re my abstract painting post process it was even though I don't really like abstracts! Wow your have an awesome work space...very neat unlike me LOL. The sea shell master board looks awesome too. hugs Annette In Ox #30

  26. Hi Shoshi, sorry to hear you are not doing well. But I must say filling out forms and doing bookkeeping makes me sick, even if I have not health issues.
    Your workspace looks great and I hope your muse is with you the coming days.
    Thank you for your visit and friendly comment.
    Gabriele 24

  27. I'm sorry to hear you haven't had much time or energy to work in your art studio. Hopefully "pumping iron" will give you the extra boost you need. Take care of yourself and God bless, my friend!

  28. Hi Soshi, Hope you get your Blue Badge ok. They turned me down this year, after having one for around 6 years. They have tightened up on the rules and here (Norfolk) they say you have to be getting the higher rate mobility DLA, which I don't get. Same with the bus pass now as well.

    I love your work area. I much prefer wood mounted stamps. I use an emery board on my sticky scissors, then white them over with a baby wipe.

    Hope your batteries are soon recharged.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW Sue #33

  29. I love your work area! So nicely tidy and organized. Looks like working there would be easy without the clutter I have. As to sticky scissors, I wipe them with a cotton ball of rubbing alcohol or Goo Gone. Thanks for popping by today and happy belated WOYWW to you!
    Carol N #59

  30. Shoshi, thanks for popping by my Woyww, glad you have good memories of boating holidays.
    Your master board is beautiful such a beautiful blend of colours, and I like the stencilling through sequin waste, must try that.

  31. There is in my opinion, no good way to 'store' anything! When, at least myself, I store it I forget about it. So keeping things out where I can see them gets them used.

    Your mater board is lovely!
    Angie #67

  32. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog - much appreciated. Enjoyed having a nosey at your work place too.

    Helen x


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