Monday, 27 October 2014

Sugar Wrappers with Zentangle

When my hubby and I had lunch at the Devon Guild of Craftsmen Centre last week, I picked up these little sugar wrappers because I thought the colours were lovely.

01 Sugar Wrappers

I trimmed off the ends and opened them up, and cut off the printed portions, and then cut them in half long-ways.

02 Sugar Wrappers Trimmed

Fixing some of the ends down with masking tape, I wove the remaining pieces.

03 Weaving the Sugar Wrappers

I stuck down the ends with a spot of Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive to stabilise it.

04 Securing the Ends with Glue

Turning it over, I stuck double-sided tape over the back.

05 Double-Sided Tape on Reverse.

I stuck the piece down on to a piece of dark red card.

06 Woven Sugar Wrappers Stuck onto Card

Adding the Zentangle border. A selection of ATC cards from my Zentangle album for inspiration, and then pens I used.

07 Zentangle Border

The finished piece.

08 Finished Piece

This is my first attempt at a Zentangle on a dark background, and I am not really satisfied with the result… I think I might have done better to leave the woven piece alone! I shall think about it, and if I still feel the same way, I shall cut the woven piece out and re-mount it on more plain card. Either way, it will probably end up as a card topper.

I definitely need more practice!

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  1. Your Zentangles are always amazing, Shoshi but if you do decide to cut it out I think that the woven colour's would look lovely on black card.


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