Saturday, 7 March 2015

A Nice Restful Week

I’m having a lovely restful time before I go in for my surgery. I’ve just updated my Cancer Diary page with details of what I’ve been doing (not a lot, I have to confess, but that’s as it should be!) and I’ve been having some fun on the RUB website (Really Useful Boxes) – RUBs are a bit of a passion of mine – preparing for when I come home.

Having a lovely time with the kitties, too. Beatrice seems to sense that I am not well, and has been quite clingy over the past few weeks, and has taken to sleeping right up against me, under the duvet!! You’d think she’d get too hot, but she stays there all night, right up until my hubby gets up and she gets interested in breakfast, and then she’s straight back again until I get up. This morning she was dreaming, and twitching and running in her sleep, and making little noises – I wonder what kitties dream about? After breakfast I had Phoebe too, and they anchor me in the bed, making it very difficult to get up!

Tonight we are going out for our Chinese meal at last – it had to be postponed before, and my hubby has found a really lovely place and booked us a table for tonight. Can’t wait to get stuck into some crispy duck with pancakes, chicken and cashew nuts, sweet and sour pork, and other favourites! All accompanied by lashings and lashings of jasmine tea! We’ve had a couple of marvellous Indian takeaways, and last night I did some cooking, and made a liver and onion casserole flavoured with redcurrant jelly and mint. Mmmm.

We are both enjoying a nice restful time, and my hubby is recovering from all the Mum-induced stress, too. I think we will look back on this fortnight as a special time.

Asleep on Daddy's Chair 9-12-11

Beatrice and Phoebe on the Bed

A lesson in relaxation!


  1. So happy to know you are resting and that hubby is winding down a bit. How is mum adjusting? Your kitties sound like mine. Heaven help me if I have to pee in the middle of the night LOL. Goddess, my tabby, has taken to sleepign on my shoulder or the top of my head. She HAS to be touching me. I've tried scooting away from her and she follows LOL. keeping you in thoughts and prayers... Now to check out those RUBs. Creative Blessings! Kelly #73

  2. Aww..what a comfort pussy cats can be! Love how they like to cuddle right up against you, and provide mutual comfort. Lovely.So glad you have had a lovely relax and preparation.Thinking of you!!

  3. Pleased you are getting some you and hubby time! Enjoy your week. I'm sure once you have recovered from the op you will have some more pamper time!

  4. Good for you on your chilling out time .... You deserve it. Just going to pop over to your other post .... Take care


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