Sunday, 29 March 2015

Two Days Post Surgery - Update

I've just had this email from N. All seems to be going well which is so good to hear.

Lucy x

The medical team were stars and rallied around Shoshi and stayed on and did her op, and she was looked after with personal care over her first night.. She was all woozy with a happy morphine grin when I saw her in the recovery room.

 Yesterday pretty sleepy and full of pain killers and morphine but very happy and relieved whilst   quite at peace with her bag..

Today improved and sends her love to you all. She was sat out for 10 minutes but the chair was awful. Her feet did not reach the floor and her weight was on her tummy. So she was back to bed. She will walk a little. As they have not known her before they will need to realise that if she used a chair and crutches she is not going to be striding corridors in a few days. they are a kind lot so she should be ok.

She is not up to reading and a laptop may be several days yet so I will have to suffice.

Here is a pic of her yesterday with "Nursie Bear" who went to hospital to look after dozens of my old parishioners and now is with Shoshi.

So love from Shoshi, Nursie and N


  1. Nice to see you are doing fine. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and it's nice to hear you are being well looked after.

  2. Hi Shoshi - much love back to you. Have been thinking of you and wondering how you were doing. Good that so far it seems to be going well. Fab to 'see you' as well. Love to your DH as well. Anne x

  3. Thanks for the update. :) So happy for you, Shoshi and Nicholas. HUGS

  4. Hooray for you dear Sue's hubby. At last the wait is over for you both, and the recovery process can begin. Wishing you both strength during these next trying days and weeks.
    Judy in Australia

  5. Shoshi my dear you must be so relieved to get this over with at last. I hope Nursie Bear understands you are a very special patient and must get the beary best care there is!! With best wishes for a speedy recovery, you know we are all thinking of you and sending (gentle) healing hugs. Cindy xx

  6. I'm so glad things are going well. Thanks for the photo (and the morphine grin). You're looking good girl!
    I'm also very pleased that I now know hubby's name: Nicholas. Thank you Nicholas for the update and Lucy for posting it.
    Wishing you all strength in the coming days now the post-op countdown has begun and you will slowly get better.
    Lots of hugs from Spain,

  7. So good to have another update and to know that the recovery is on its way. I'm sure you know just how much prayer and positive thinking is being sent your way. Love to Sue, Nicholas, Nursie Bear - and also Lucy for keeping us up to date.


    Di xx

  8. Hi Shoshi, so glad things went ahead without another postponement.Wonderful to see you looking happy and perky so soon as well. Pleased to hear you are at peace with your bag- its the only way to tackle it, is be accepting from the start. I'll keep checking in for updates, bit late this time, as I had my third chemo on Friday, then spent most of Saturday at a family wedding. Yes, I seriously over estimated what I was capable of, and spent most of Sunday asleep. But feeling better today, if I could just get rid of the tail end of my cold, I'm sure I'd actually be better than I was after the second dose. Constantly find myself out of breath. Much love and huge hugs to you, and Nicholas. xxx

  9. Thank you so much for letting us all know the progress our prayers are with you both. Keep smiling Soshi

    Love and hugs Eliza & Yoda

  10. Thanks for keeping us updated Lucy and Shoshi's hubby! So glad that Shoshi is doing well :)

  11. Absolutely fabulous to see you doing well Shoshi, Looking forward to laughing at your wonderful sense of humour when you are ready to blog again. May the Lord bless you and Nicholas as you recover your strength.
    Chris. ((very gently hugs))

  12. Thank you for the up-date . . . it is great to see that the surgery is over and a new passage in life begins.
    God bless you both . . . give that girl a hug from me.
    Connie :)

  13. Lovely to see you and know that you are being so well looked after. Lots of love to you and hubby

  14. So glad to know the operation took place and that Shoshi is doing well -- and looking well, too, in the picture with the sweet bear. Sending best wishes for good health and recover. ~ Laura (of the WOYWW crowd)

  15. You don't know me Shoshi, but you are an inspiration to me! I am so glad you are getting better and hope to know you more soon! Be gentle with yourself on your healing path! I made a little tea stain "Healing Place" piece in your honor! Blessings! CC


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