Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Here is a picture of one very tidy (and very unproductive!) desk, from someone whose mojo has vanished without trace for the duration.

WOYWW 303 25 Mar

I am not worried – it will return once I’m on the road to recovery from my surgery, I have no doubt. It is something nice to look forward to. Yesterday I had a bit of a blitz in there and tidied up – it was beginning to look like a neglected dumping ground again. Surprising how quickly that can happen, isn’t it!

I have heard from the hospital that my surgery is definitely confirmed for Friday afternoon – 27th March. After two postponements, we can only hope that it goes ahead as planned this time, because too many more delays and the cancer is going to start to spread…

Both postponements turned out to be blessings in disguise, giving us the extra time we needed to climb down from all the Mum-induced stress, and to enable us to do some more things (mostly nice!) and have some treats. I have also been able to spend a lot of time on the ostomy forum, acquainting myself more fully with this weird and wonderful world I am about to enter, populated by people who cr*p out of the front instead of out of the back. Well, Shoshi’s never been one to be conventional, has she, you have to admit.

During this time, I have created a new blog (see the link at top right on this one) called The Gutless Bag Lady, which will chart my progress into my new life with an ileostomy. I am hoping it will help others on the same journey, and it will also serve to encourage me as I look back and mark the progress I’ve already made, as time goes on. I have started entering stuff on the tabbed pages but have not yet done any posts, but most of the page elements are now in place, so it’s ready to go, once I’m well enough to start. I am glad that I have done all this ground work in advance, because it would have been more difficult after my operation when I shall probably be a lot more foggy than usual, and it’s taken some time.

I am sure that as Friday approaches, the currently sleeping hoard of voracious and ravenous butterflies will awaken and start attacking my stomach lining again – after all this time, I wonder why we don’t just let them get on with it and do the surgeon’s job for him! Much more of that and I don’t think I’d have much left to worry about anyway.

I should be in for about 7-10 days, I think, depending on how well I do. To start with, I am spending 24, or possibly 48, hours in the High Dependency Unit so that they can monitor me a bit more closely, owing to my other medical problems. For the first few days I won’t be up to doing much, but hopefully fairly soon I shall be feeling well enough to get on the laptop, at which point my hubby will bring it in for me, and I hope to get online so that I can regain contact with everyone! In the meantime, my friend Lucy is co-authoring my blog and will post any bulletins she gets from my hubby about my progress. Knowing my hubby, these are likely to be pretty succinct, but I hope informative enough to let you know how I’m getting on! So please keep an eye on my blog. (Do visit Lucy’s blog too – she does amazing colouring with her copics, and I’m sure she’d appreciate a visit. You’ll find a link on my blog.)

I shall be posting up until Thursday night, and then I’ll pack up the laptop ready for my hubby to bring in when it’s required.

Happy WOYWW everyone, and thank you all so much for your messages of love and support, and above all, for your prayers. Hope to have some good news of my progress soon.


  1. Praying all goes well for you! You will be an amazing source of hope and positivity for folks in a similar position!

  2. Hi Shoshi. Thanks for the email. Praying for you as you go through this major event in your life. Praying for N, that he will know Father's peace as he sees the love of his life in hospital.
    Take care, our friends.
    May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His face shine to upon you and give you His peace.
    Love to you both from John and I.
    Margaret #8

  3. Hugs Shoshi - you'll be back at your desk soon. RobynO#27

  4. Although I have not been a good blogger recently, I have been kept up to date by others. I hope things go to plan this week and there are no further delays. Your determination and positive attitude will do a lot to aid your recovery. Stay strong. xxx Maggie #14

  5. It's funny how things often turn out to be blessings in obviously needed to rest up after dealing with your Mum and reading up about what's going to happen helps with the recovery process afterwards. Good luck for this Friday, there's loads of people rooting for you, including me. Sending you big squishies....
    Hugs, LLJ 24 xx

  6. I totally second what ju-north said - and I am sending positive thoughts, prayers and hugs your way, hope all goes well on Friday,
    Diana x

  7. So glad to hear you have a definite date - hope the butterflies stay sleepy for a while yet! Love the new buggy - great test drive photos!! Take care, will keep praying! Chrisx 48

  8. Shoshi, you are amazing, that Gutless Bag lady site is so encouraging.
    Praying that this time things really will go ahead and that you will soon be home trying to control your mojo as you try to do half a dozen things at once.
    Bless you.
    Chris #17

  9. So sorry your surgery was postponed yet again, I didn't make it over here last week so I didn't know, I will be thinking of you and hoping it won't be too long before you can join us all again.
    Jan S no 45

  10. Am keeping you in my thoughts and hope all goes to plan. I have to say I have been enthralled by my recent exploration of your tea bag art and note that ...I think it was Diana (Velvet Moth - 31 this week) had some on her desk that she worked on while recuperating herself. Maybe take a leaf (tea leaf LOL!) out of her book and prep a few bags and sheets and make a little art box to keep you busy when you feel up to it. Bet the churh ladies would help get some ready for you :)

    In any case, keep your chin up and know that there are many thinking of you
    Mary Anne (2)

  11. Shoshi, I'm so happy to read that you are scheduled for Friday. You and Shaz both have Friday appointments. Yay! Sending extra prayers that the surgery date holds this time and that you rally faster than you expect. Sending extra one for Shaz too that she will be well enough for her treatment. I'll be checking your progress for sure. All the best.... Nann4 #49

  12. I said I had everything crossed well now I've crossed it all twise!!!
    Good luck for Friday, Angela x

  13. Dearest Shoshi, I have not visited or written in awhile! My heart and spirit are lifting you up today before the Lord for a successful, quick procedure and that you will have FULL restoration to your precious body!! I pray blessings over the atmosphere in that surgical room, for His presence to be amongst you and all the attending medical help and that they would have wisdom and clarity and sharp minds as they perform your procedure! I come against ANY assignments of the enemy for this procedure and your recovery and call you HEALED and WHOLE by the blood of the lamb from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet! I speak a quick, speedy recovery over you and declare NO further complications, in the Mighty Name of Jesus!!!

    You have the victory!!! I pray favor over your new blog as well for a positive spirit for others to be drawn to that your like mindedness could speak to and you develop wonderful new relationships as a result! You already have such a positive attitude and I know you will be a GREAT help to others! Bless, bless, bless you!! :)))

    I love how wonderful your craft room looks! I just know that it wont take any time before you will be back in the saddle!!! Let your art be a part of your healing process in the weeks to come. You know the enemy will try all sorts of tactics to convince you that you are not healed and get you down in the dumps, so you let the Lord speak to you through your art and let it be an expression that you could share with new friends over on your new blog!

    I will continue to keep you lifted up dear Shoshi and I look to hear positive reports from your hubby and friend! God bless you with grace, peace and strength as you go in and as you come out!


  14. I hope it all goes ahead without a hitch. Your new blog looks amazing! I wonder if there are any other bag ladies (apart from Shaz) in the WOYWW community?
    I am rooting for you Shoshi and praying like 'billyo' on the day. Lets hope the butterflies won't be too enthusiastic and you will soon be back from theatre: a new woman!
    Wishing you strength and blessings and God's peace,

  15. Yay!, a definite, confirmed date!! I love your attitude, your plans, your enthusiasm, and your determination. That's what it takes, and you've got it girl. Writing is so therapeutic too and helps get it all out. I am thinking of you, praying for you, and just consider me one of your cheerleaders! Hugs! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #46

  16. Your desk is all nice and tidy. Just waiting for you to return when you are feeling better. I have everything crossed that it all goes ahead for you this time and send my best wishes to you, Shoshi.

  17. The Gutless Bag Lady? No holding back with that name. That made me laugh. About your desk though... that's the sign of a serious disorder.... MESS THAT THING UP! I beg you!

    Good luck with your surgery on the 27th and may it really happen this time!!!!! You Gutless Wonder, You!
    Judy #66

  18. Hi Shoshi, so glad you finally have a date! Keeping all my fingers crossed for you, no more delays. I will be checking out your new blog when you have some postings. Meanwhile, much love from us both, we'll be thinking of you Friday. xxx

  19. Love your space. Here wishing you a blessed day on Friday. Take care of yourself.

    Happy WOYWW
    Thx for sharing
    Pat #15

  20. Dear Shoshi, It is amazing how we seem to all have places in our homes where things just get dumped. Your creative space is wonderful and when you are finished with all this waiting and your surgery is successfully over, you can enjoy creating again.
    You are in my prayers.
    Connie :)

  21. Thanks for the update. I will be looking forward to hearing from your husband and friend on your progress. Thinking of you!
    Glenda #31

  22. Just went back to look at my number and it has changed since I last looked. I'm now #30

  23. I am so pleased you've got a new date, and that it really will go ahead this time - surely it can't get postponed a third time!! Wishing you all the best, for a successful op, and a full and speedy recovery.
    take care, catch up soon xxx Helen 3

  24. Hi Shoshi. I read on your other page that you'd had confirmation re the op happening on Friday. Tried again and again to leave message via phone but it wasn't playing ball!! Anyway glad it's been confirmed and I pray it will be third time lucky. I believe everything happens for a reason - and as you said the delay has had some benefits but I know you just want it done now. hang in there. My thoughts and prayers will be with you. Annex
    PS - got my laptop (new) back from dear son today. He has added some stuff for me :-) x

  25. I am so glad you had time to straighten up before you surgery that really bites to come home from one and not have enough oomph to play because, everything needs cleaned. I have my fingers crossed that everything goes well and will be praying for you on Friday. ~Stacy #63

  26. Even with only this blog, you're already an inspiration to many people around the world, my friend. I'm glad that some of the stress from caring for your Mom has been relieved, and that you have made the best of having to postpone your surgery twice. I will continue to keep you in my prayers, especially on Friday. Blessings!

  27. So sorry about all your postponements. That's tough. But I'm sending lots of warm hugs for you. Your desk can, and will, wait. :) Jen (My Scrap Menagerie #72)

  28. Wishing you all the best with your surgery on Friday.
    sandra de @50

  29. Have a very uneventful surgery and recovery; I hope you are blessed with an easy time. It's finally happening for you. God bless.

  30. hey gutless bag lady ( loveit) sorry i missed your last post .... hope all is well.... i will be thinking of you over the nexxt few days .
    tidying your space seems to have been quite cathartic not only is your room readyfor your return but you seem much more positive than before.
    bring it on.....

  31. Hi Shoshi, I'm so sorry I've missed all the action. Finally, I've got the time to have a read through all your blog posts and updates. From the looks of it everything went fine - yay! Wishing you a quick recovery and lots of creativity in the coming months. Your new blog sounds awesome and will help so many people in a similar situation. I love your humour and positive outlook on life! I find it so encouraging and inpsipring! xx


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