Sunday, 1 March 2015

Gifts from Lovely Friends

I have received some wonderful gifts from friends who are all wishing me well for my forthcoming hospital stay – so thoughtful and caring!

Gifts from Lovely Friends

One friend gave me the pretty little bag, filled with all sorts of thoughtful goodies and girlie things to make me happy and comfortable in hospital. There’s a puzzle book and a pen in the shape of a purple teddy, and lots of little bottles of nice things to keep me fresh and fragrant. A pot of sparkly red nail varnish and tissues and wipes, all in a nice small size to take up very little room – there’s never very much space to put things in hospital.

Sitting on top of all these goodies in the bag was a dear little bear with the softest fur. He is called Horace. He will accompany me to hospital, along with my special little platypus Humphrey, who was a gift from my hubby during my last major surgery twenty years ago, and Nursie Bear, who belongs to my hubby, and has accompanied many people to hospital over the years, to take care of them and nurse them back to health again. Her favourite phrase is, “Nursie Knows Best!” She does have that look about her, doesn’t she. You don’t mess with Nursie. Will there be room in the bed for me, I wonder?


Two other friends have given me little angels to keep me safe! The one on the left is a little pin with a stone in my favourite dark red colour, which I am going to pin on the lapel of my dressing gown, and the one on the right is a tiny glass jar with an angel charm, with slips of paper for wishes for your guardian angel! I know that the Lord will keep me safe, and surround me with His angels during this difficult time, and these little gifts are a reminder of that.


Aren’t people kind and thoughtful? I shall take these gifts in with me and think of all my lovely caring friends when I use them and look at them.

I am overwhelmed also by the huge number of good wishes and love sent from friends around the world, on blogs, forums and emails, and by the ever-growing collection of beautiful cards, all of which will be kept safely as a reminder of the love that surrounds me.

As I face the coming ordeal, I am cheered and comforted by the love and thoughtfulness of my many friends. You know who you are. May God bless you all.

Finally, my Big Black Blob that Nita so kindly drew on my tummy to indicate the position of the stoma, has been fading badly, so I’ve been going over it with my own permanent black marker so that they don’t have to go through the whole process of siting it again. I thought I would have some fun with it.

Big Black Blob

(Don’t worry, I’m not going to show you a photo of the stoma itself lol!! That would probably be TMI for most of you…) What with this and my multi-coloured hair, I think Mr. Pullan is going to have a fit!!


  1. All those thoughtful gifts are wonderful, Soshi. :) My cutting mat is un-warped and I finally tried it out. I posted about that on my blog today, and shared a technique that I have not tried before, but absolutely will again. If you're up to it, scoot on over there to read about both. Have a kitty cuddle and some tea . You deserve it.

  2. Hi Shoshi, so glad you are bearing up after the disappointment.Julia also posted on her blog about the delay, I asked her if she would, as more of the WOYWWers would see it then. Love all your goodies and furries to take in with you, and very amused by your artwork! I couldn't do that with mine, as they covered it with clear sticky plastic. Love and huge Hugs from us both, Shaz xxxxx

  3. Oh Shoshi, I was so surprised to find an email from you this morning and then discover that your surgery had been cancelled - how disappointing for you. I had the same thing happen a fortnight ago, my minor op was cancelled the night before, and I felt all over the place - so much mental preparation and anxiety in the lead up to it, not to mention I'd used half my bottle of hibi-scrub by then! I love your furry friends, I'm sure they'll provide lots of cuddles when you need them. Hopefully we'll both get our dates through soon - I hate all this hanging around. Sharing your frustration and playing the waiting game with you,
    Hugs from Diana xx

  4. Oh Shoshi... You're right, I had no idea. Thanks so much for telling me what is going on for you. No wonder you don't feel creative lately. The picture of your drawn happy face made me smile. What a positive attitude towards this challenging time for you. I'm sure that some days it's really hard to smile and to find humour. It warmed my heart to see how thoughtful your friends have been :) You put a lot of energy and care out there and it doesn't surprize me that your friends want to show you kindness in return. You so deserve it. I hope that the hospital gives you a date for the operation soon. My thoughts are with you and I'm sending you a HUGE hug!!!!

  5. Hello Shoshi - love all the gifts you received very thoughtful - ( your furry friends will be wonderful company :-) your drawing is so funny and how wonderful that you can still be cheerful ( though I'm sure there are times when you are so not feeling cheerful. Hope you get hat date SOON !!!!! God Bless Hugs Anne x

  6. Hi shoshi
    Yes this is a great community we belong to.
    Great to see that your nurses are artistic too..... Fab drawing😄
    Janet @16


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