Monday, 30 March 2015

Surgery +3

I've just had a chat to the lovely N who's been updating me on Shoshi's Day. 
Poor N has been in the wars himself tonight after tripping while crossing the road this evening!
He's got a big bump in his head but says he's ok. 
Poor man not one thing but another happening this week!

Shoshi is ok and sends her love to everyone.

She's had a varied day.

This morning was good. The Stoma nurse arrived in the morning while N was there and helped change the stoma bag for the first time. The Stoma behaved beautifully and Shoshi was totally unphased by the experience so that's a great step.

This afternoon N's Brother and his wife went to visit. N took in Shoshi's wheelchair for her to sit in and that was a lot more comfortable than the attempt yesterday in the too tall chair. 

Later today wasn't so good as Shoshi's syringe driver got blocked so N thinks she had about 2 hrs without adequate pain killers. A newly qualified Dr came and tried to give pain killers by syringe in her hand but completely failed and ended up stabbing her loads of times until she was in tears (not saying anything negative about newly qualified doctors - just this one for this task). A nurse came along about half an hour later and fixed the syringe driver and Shoshi was comfortable again when N left her this evening 

Apart from that hiccough everything seems to be going well. 

I let you know when I hear more. I've got all of your comments printed out to send into her tomorrow. I know they'll make her smile. 

Lucy x


  1. Knee-mail for you, N --- hope you're ok after the fall. Perhaps you need to get some rest to cope with the difficult times. You are both doing so well with all that you've had on your plates. Good on you both. Hugs.

  2. Hey Shoshi, absoluely deligted that your longdrawn out saga phase 1 has ended so well. Sorry about the pain you are suffering though. Yo are in the hearts of many of us and you have a wonderful partner in life in Nicholas. Wishing you daily improvement. Valda

    1. Valda, I can't seem to get on your blog via your profile, so I do hope you pop back here to see this reply. Thank you for your two lovely comments while I was in hospital. I am glad to have come home on Tuesday and my recovery is going well, as my hubby and I learn to live our new way of life! Loads of lovely messages to reply to and it's going to take a long time. Keep an eye on my blogs for further updates as I managed to do them.


  3. Thanks Lucy.
    Keep your chin up Shoshi, lots of love.
    Nicolas - you are a saint x

  4. I'm sending happy thoughts and prayers your way, Shoshi! Hope things continue to get better and you can go home soon! Best wishes to your dear hubby, too.

  5. Thanks for the update. Syringe Driver (SD) problems.... I wish I could have been there. It's so frustrating being so far away... I would have loved to help... I've worked with SDs in the hospice for 20 years and could have sorted it with my eyes closed. We were forever doing training days for young and would-be doctors but it's voluntary so you never 'catch' them all. Anyway, Shoshi doesn't need this hassle on top of everything else!
    I'm so glad the first meeting with the stoma went well. Well done Shoshi! You've prepared yourself so well, but it's quite another thing doing it in real life.
    Oh dear, poor Nicholas! Tripping and falling. I do hope he's OK!
    I know you'll be reading this out to Shoshi, so I want to say: go for it girl! Get better soon! You've got half the blog world rooting for you!
    Big virtual hugs,

  6. Pleased to hear the first change over for Shoshi went well, as if she needed to be poked and prodded with an SD block, horrible thing to have to cope with more pain, sending love and hugs. I do hope Nicholas recovers soon from his bruising so he doesn't upset Shoshi to much when he visits, he must be feeling bad himself. Smiles young chap, it sounds like you need a good drink. Hugs to you Nicholas

    Eliza & Yoda


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