Sunday, 6 January 2013

More on my Zentangle Album

Note: This post has been edited for copyright reasons. All images showing step-out instructions have been removed. If you would like to see how to draw them, please click on the Tangle Patterns link in my sidebar and search for the patterns there.

Continuing with my new album which is going to be a lot easier to navigate than my original, fixed one, I have drawn some more tangles on ATCs for insertion in the pockets. I have now obtained the pockets and a nice ring binder to keep them in, and once I have decorated the cover, I will do a post about that.

My last post was written several days ago and I forgot that I hadn’t published it, so don’t think that this next collection have been done in 5 minutes! They have actually been done over two or three days. Here they are as a group.

Zentangles x10 B

Individually, so you can see them in detail.

Summer Sitter Front

Isn’t this a lovely pattern? It was taken from the design on the back of a patio chair, hence the name Summer Sitter.

Palrevo Front

Sand Swirl Front

Miander Front

Miander is much more difficult than it looks – to me at least! You have to make sure the squares and triangles are really even, or it soon gets in a mess.

St John's Cross Front

Scallops Front

Sanibelle Front

Vache Front

Vache 2 Front

Finally for this time, the second of my own designs, Y-Pod, from the pattern on my iPod cover. You can see details of this one here.


Now that I have got my ring-binder to keep them in, I need to make a decorated cover for it. It has transparent pouches on the outside for inserting cover designs, and I have cut some white paper to size. It only remains for me now to cover them with Zentangles! I am very pleased with how the ATC-sized cards look in the pouched pages, and it’s going to be a real pleasure to use. I’ve still got quite a few patterns to transfer from my old album, and then there will always be new ones appearing on the scene, so it will be an ongoing project.


  1. Wow Shoshi!You have quite an album here!
    terribly hard to get motivated here-Heat Wave.It was 112F.the other day!4th hottest Adelaide day on record.
    I haven't drawn for ages!Feels good doesn't it?
    hope you're picking after last year.
    Hope your Dad is getting stronger.

  2. You have way too much time on your hands, methinks. Or maybe that is just jealousy talking. I figured out what summer sitter was all about before I read your words of explanation. Great patterns one and all. I can see Miander being a bear. I think the problem I would have with Zentangles is keeping it all about the same size as I repeated the pattern.

  3. Such talent! Your creativity is amazing! A God-given gift!

  4. Very cool, Shoshi! I always love to see your Zentangles. I can't wait until I can start creating again. I'm getting closer!

  5. That's not pattern storage, that's a book of art! And It's coming along VERY nicely. :o)


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