Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Y-Pod–Another New Zentangle Design

Following on from my first attempt at designing my own Zentangle pattern, I have been looking again at my iPod cover and decided I must be able to deconstruct this pattern – it can’t be that hard, surely?

iPod Cover

After some considerable messing about on scrap paper, I’ve created something approximating this design. I have called it “Y-Pod” – the letter Y design found on my iPod case.

02 Y-Pod 72 dpi


  1. It is a great pattern and Zentangles totally remind me of the doodles I used to do in class in high school. Most of my patterns featured triangles. I think you could get lost in Zentangles staring at their patterns for too long.

  2. you pattern looks way better than the ipod, love it! well, back from the doctors and Maizy is fine, everyone has that cough apparently and Dr said it is not asthma or pneumonia, just a "viral thing that is going around" and that she is not contagious and can go to school. Good news, might fire up that bead torch tomorrow!

  3. Very cool... and I love the phrase Y-Pod! Happy New Year to you!
    Alison x

  4. Hi Shoshi,
    Thanks for your visit. I've already commented on your wonderful zentangles but just wanted to say hello, happy new year, and how strong is the temptation to think that Wednesday this week was Saturday! I only just skated in for WOYWW by the skin of my teeth!
    Looking forward to more exchanges with you this year.
    Ros. #125
    PS We have HOT Water as of yesterday after three and a half weeks. The delays in business are an aspect of the Christmas period I don't like! It certainly stretched our camping skills so glad it's done now.

  5. Wonderful! What a great pattern, I love those random inspiration sources! Thanks for the comment on my organising colour post today. I loved hearing about your yarn dyeing adventure. I've only dabbled a little bit in Yarn dyeing but I did enjoy it immensely. Kim

  6. Fabulous! I can't wait to try it - not quite enough room on my small Zendala dare that I'm working on at the moment but will use it very soon - I'm sure :))

    1. Glad you like it, Lila! Post what you do with it - it's love to see.



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