Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Another Wednesday comes around, and another opportunity for a world-wide snoop at everyone’s work desks! To join in the fun, click the WOYWW link in my sidebar, which will take you to the blog of Julia, our hostess.

My side table is more active than my main desk at the moment, as I have been making excellent progress with my wheelchair spoke guard project. This photo was taken on Monday because by the time Wednesday has arrived, I’ve cleared my desk and it’s too boring for words.

At least I’ve made some progress after last week – I decided I couldn’t continue to work on the floor as I was ending up in too much pain, so I made a huge effort to clear my side table, which is just large enough to work on a single spoke guard, in an awful lot more comfort! This is what was on my main desk.

It’s the materials all laid out ready for decorating the spoke guards.

I am in the middle of sorting out all the video clips and photos of the project, and will upload a post about it fairly soon, I hope. Late on Tuesday night I have finished the spoke guards apart from waiting for the final coat of varnish to dry, and attaching the flowers, and I hope to have them finished and installed in time for Thursday, when I am off to a craft show in Exeter. We’re out for lunch today, and I’m busy with Wonderwoman (my home help) and a Tesco delivery, and making final preparations for the show (making sandwiches, checking my list, etc. etc.) so I won’t have much time to go on the computer.

It will be a long day for me, and I shall be exhausted afterwards, I’ve no doubt, so please forgive my possible lack of desk visits this coming week. Have a happy WOYWW, one and all!


  1. Hi Shoshi,

    No numbers yet but want to get started on my visits. Firstly, I really love that photo of Phoebe and Beatrice.

    The spoke-guards are wonderful. I've always thought that any means of getting around should be stylish. Fantastic.

    And have a great day at the show. They are pretty demanding at the best of times, so I can appreciate both your determination and preparation for it. Hope you bring home heaps of learning and stuff. ;-)

    Missed last week so am pleased to be here again.
    Ros. #??

  2. Hi Shoshi
    Wow to the spoke guard, it's looking good. I'm enjoying seeing it's progress.
    Have a good week
    Lynn x

  3. Wow, its looking good :) I love the colour scheme.

  4. Happy WOYWW Shoshi! Gosh, your spoke guard is looking beautiful!
    Good luck for getting prepared and then for tomorrow's show. Hope it doesn't wipe you out too much then take days to recover. Do as little s you can get away with and enjoy it all :0) Mo

  5. Wow a spoke guard I hadn't thought of that for my wheelchair I shall keep my eyes on your project to see the end result
    Ria #92

  6. As always you sound so busy, Shoshi. Your spoke guard is looking absolutely amazing, I love all the detail you've included.
    Have a great time at the show, I'm sure you'll enjoy it and you can rest up when you get home. We'll still be here next week, you just take care.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #60

  7. Hopefully you are able to enjoy showing off your spoke guards at the upcoming craft show. Hope you find lots of bargains and be sure to show us first!

  8. Hi Shoshi, great photos...was interested to see how you used the sequin waste too, one of those things I bought and then had no idea what to do with it.
    Hope you enjoy the craft show... Happy Crafting...Gill x (#97)

  9. The spoke guards are brilliant. Hope you enjoyed the show. Sorry I am so late - yesterday was 'one of those days' sigh. Anne x #145

  10. The spoke guard is really looked good! I can't even imagine how on earth you god on the ground....if I did that, I would still be there!

    Robin @151

  11. i'm dropping by to say hi! what a beautiful spoke guard!
    all the ladies in wheelchairs will want them!
    happy WOYWW!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  12. Hi Shoshi. I didn't make it to the Wednesday hop again this week, but I am trying to call in on those I follow or who follow me.
    I hope you had a good day at the show yesterday. You must have got some compliments with those fabulous spoke guards. No doubt you are having a good rest today. You've earned it! Kate x

  13. Well I'm so late that you've finished the spoke guards and paraded them around the show too. Hope you can recover quickly, and above all, hope the strenuous effort was worthwhile, bet you've had a really fun time.


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