Tuesday, 13 August 2013

My New ARTHaven–Lights and Power and Additonal Shelves

The second of three posts for today. Tim has been back and finished the electrics in my ARTHaven. All the power points are now connected. Here in the office section I’ve got two doubles underneath the desk hutch, and there’s another double on the skirting board on the right-hand wall. In the first photo, you can see that he’s put the hutch back upside down, but that’s easy to remedy. Also, note one of my infamous warped cutting mats on the desk – I think I’ve only got one left that I haven’t wrecked with my heat gun! (No more, though… I now have super-heat resistant mats for all my heating activities.)

01 Power in Office

Moving into the ARTHaven proper, these are my wonderful new lights, six in all. They are the same spots as in the kitchen (see my previous post today) but in this case they have LED bulbs rather than halogens. Tim brought me some samples to test, to see how they affected colour, and these LEDs give a great, daylight-like light which will be great to work under. The central light still has an awful yellowy low-energy job in it which will have to be changed. I’ve got some Pure-Lite bulbs from my old room which will do.

02 LED Spots

Today Andy was working on fitting the additional shelves in the wall unit above what will be my textile area.

03 Andy Working on Additional Shelves

Fitting the shelf brackets:

04 Andy Fitting Shelf Brackets

and finally, the unit complete.

05 Additional Shelves Complete

He still has to fit a deep shelf over the top of the free-standing storage units on the right-hand side of the room, and once that’s done, we can get cleaned up in there and start getting my stuff in! I also have to find a Venetian blind for the window. We are so nearly there now!

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