Thursday, 29 August 2013

My New ARTHaven–the Sink

The second post for today.

Not a great deal to report on the ARThaven front today, except to say that Andy has plumbed in the sink and we have actual, real water coming out of the tap! He was plumbing in the waste at the end of the afternoon. He has taken the cupboard doors off as I said they would be in the way, and I don’t mind about the sink not being particularly pretty, and he’s going to put a shelf in the unit, and finish it off with a plinth.

In the ARTHaven proper, the deep shelf is ready to install, and at present it is lying on top.

01 Big Shelf Mock-Up

It will be fixed at the left hand end, and will rest on top of the tall storage unit, and be supported with a couple of uprights resting on top of the black bookcase at the right hand end. This shelf should give me more than adequate space to store large flat items such as mountboard, and cutting mats.

I didn’t move anything more into this room today, partly because Andy was working on the sink, and because I was working on installing things in the kitchen cupboards.

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