Wednesday, 21 August 2013


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I am delighted to be able to share with you that I now have art stuff in my ARTHaven! Not a lot, I grant you, but progress is being made!

This will be my main work area. So far all that’s in it is my brand new Stickles carousel and my craft spinner that I bought for my Ink Dusters. In the Really Useful Boxes to the side are all my distress inks and re-inkers, glitters, distress stains, flower soft… you name it! I shall find a good way to display and use these.

11 Stuff Coming into Main Work Area

Over on the other side of the room is my embryonic textile art area. So far I’ve just stacked up some boxes on the shelves – these contain embroidery fabrics, equipment and threads, interfacing, crochet, etc. I haven’t decided where everything will be stored yet, and I expect it will change and remain fairly fluid until I’ve worked in there for a while and know what works.

06 Textile Stuff Coming In

My sewing machine in its new home:

07 Sewing Machine

and I’m thrilled to discover how well my larger-sized Really Useful Boxes fit in the tall unit left behind in the house by the previous owner:

09 Really Useful Boxes in Tall Unit

I am mega-excited to have unpacked my gel mediums and gesso etc. in the mixed media area, which will extend beyond the doorway onto a table which will stand between the doorway and the new sink once it’s in.

10 Mixed Media Stuff Coming In

Only a few more finishing touches on the construction of the room before it’s finally finished – installing the unit with the sink, fitting some deep shelves for storing large flat things, and the fitting of the Venetian blind in a week or two. Watch this space for further developments!

Thanks to everyone for their good wishes re my recently diagnosed ulcerative colitis. I have now been on the medication for a week, and am happy to report that I noticed an improvement in my symptoms almost immediately, despite being told I shouldn’t look for any change for 2-4 weeks. As you can imagine, it’s making a huge difference to my life.

We have now got a confirmed date for our move – Monday 16th September. Mum’s stuff is arriving this Friday so I’ll have my work cut out, trying to sort it all out before our own move, and there’s still loads to do here as well…

I am sorry it took so long to reply to everyone last week – I was having major problems posting comments on certain blogs. Asking around (thanks to anyone who responded), it seems that it may have been caused by a browser conflict – Firefox has just done a major upgrade of itself and half the features don’t seem to be working – why they don’t check the compatibility of their software with their own add-ons and get rid of the bugs before foisting a new version on us, is beyond me… Anyway, I managed in the end, using Chrome. I shall stick with Chrome until Firefox have untwisted their knickers.


  1. I've been enjoying all your updates. Good luck with your mom's move! (I've been using Chrome for years.)

  2. It's all looking good! Pleased you are feeling better so soon!

  3. Wow you must be so happy seeing it all coming together, I know I have enjoyed the journey with you
    Bridget #75

  4. Hi Shoshi. EXCITING!!!! A date, too - even more exciting. Glad the medication is beginning to kick in - and that you are starting to feel better. Take care, have fun, and don't overdo it and knock yourself back.
    Margaret #55

  5. It's great seeing your stuff going in. I'm so excited for you :-) Good news re the medication!!!! Best Wishes for the move!!! Anne x #92

  6. Glad you're starting to feel a little better, hope you continue to improve and YAY to the craft room filling up, it's looking good so far.

    The bears@#99

  7. Hi there Shoshi!

    Glad you are feeling better so soon. I had some really good news last Friday - no sign of the prostate cancer returning. PTL! I'm praying that He will now heal me of the breathing difficulties I've got.

    I've asked the very same question about software being released too soon, before the bugs have been ironed out. Glad you got sorted at last.

    Good to see progress on the art haven - can't wait to see it for real when we come down.

    Just wondered about the advert at the bottom of your blog - have you used for a new cooker? We're looking at the possibility of changing ours soon.
    Love and blessings,
    John-W #97

  8. Oh Shoshi, this is going to be unbelievable. I cannot believe how much space you have - and how truly wonderful everything is looking. Imagine having areas for different things - oh wow!
    I am going to have to go back a few posts and start all o ver again reading through the progressions.
    hard work - but so worth it. Long may you enjoy!
    Neet xx

  9. Hi Shoshi - looking good girl!!! You must be super excited now the end is in sight. I look forward to seeing all those shelves neatly stacked with stash!!! Have fun setting it up. Happy WOYWW from Helen 71 x

  10. Oh your room is coming along nicely and love the stickles carousel have never seen one of those. Your mixed media area how wonderful and you are going to have a sink perfect. You will not know yourself when you are all in and settled you will be in bliss.
    Sandy :) #64

  11. What an exciting time for you Shoshi,
    I'm glad its all coming together ;D
    Good luck for the final push and getting your Mother settled.

    Hopefully you'll have another productive week ahead. xoxo

  12. Glad you're feeling better, and how tidy is that room!!!

    Happy ~woyww

    debs #98

  13. Really enjoying following your adventures in moving into your ARTHaven- so exciting. Its really looking good. As you say, the positioning of stuff is a bit fluid for a while, I kept tweaking mine for a few weeks, till I found where it was best to have certain stuff. Trouble is, you want everything at hand, lol. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #50 xx

  14. So excited for you. The room is like a canvas. Happy to hear the meds work and you feel better.
    Monica 81

  15. Oh, you're making great progress, everything looks amazing. Must be fun to organize all the gorgeous stuff. Have a great day, Suzanne

  16. oh please please please can I come and help you sort your craft room out. I would love the chance to unpack your boxes and put stuff in new places for you.
    I am so pleased for you that your new medication has given you such quick results.
    Good luck with everything over the next couple of weeks
    Have a really great WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
    Hugs Ria #85

  17. Hi Shoshi! I'm am glad to hear that the meds are working and your tummy is feeling a little better. As for your new ARThaven...WOW!!!! It looks great and I think it will work out so well as you are able to organize as you move more in. What a wonderful space you have. Happy WOYWW! Rasz #123

  18. Wow Shoshi you have reached that exciting time where you get to decide where everything will go and discover if it all works or not. It's all looking great......Happy WOYWW! Danie #17

  19. Oooh, it's nearly there now. It looks lived in with even just a few crafty supplies. What a great idea to have a sink in your room. I have to run down to the other end of my house each time I have to wash anything out, good exercise but a pain. Glad your medication is making you feel much better already.
    Had a look at your other pics too, looking good!
    Have a great week.
    Von #62

  20. Good morning! I had to pop in and see the progress on your new digs. Everything seems to be coming together. And yes, working in the space for awhile will bring changes to what you 'think' will work. Great to have that in the back of your head.

    Glad your body responded so quickly to the meds. Sending happy thoughts and Creative Blessings ~Kelly #131

  21. Oooh, your room is looking amazing, not long to go then.

    Glad your meds have kicked in and are helping at last.

    Lynda #94

  22. How exciting, you are getting stuff on the shelves and in the cupboards. I'm happy to hear you are feeling better. My hubby has diverticulitis, and when it flares up he suffers, so I can only imagine what you've been going through. I didn't get a post up this week, and didn't make it around last week, I haven't been feeling well myself. I'm trying to make my rounds this week though. I'm not completely sure why I have been feeling like doo-doo though. I don't like Firefox. I use Safari and Google. Well I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. (((HUGS)))


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