Thursday, 22 August 2013

My New ARTHaven–The Sink

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The second of two posts for today.

Andy started putting the sink into the corner of my new ARThaven, opposite the office section. I am delighted that this unit (from the original kitchen) fits in the space exactly, and that I have also got the original sink which has a half-sink as well – originally I was going to have Andy’s second hand sink from his store, and this one was going in the annexe kitchen, but it was too large for that so I have got it.

01 Sink Unit Being Installed

Here Andy is fitting the unit. He has put my new tap in. I got this tap really cheap on Ebay, and then it was £10 off because I had a cashback from Paypal! The only problem is, the weight which pulls the retractable hose back down has a bore which is too small for the hose, so some adaptations have to be made – I wonder if this is why it was so cheap?!!

02 Andy Working on Sink Unit

It’s a lovely tap, though, because on the top of the pull-out nozzle is a button you can press to convert from a stream of water to a spray. This will be very useful in my work, I can see.

In this next picture, Andy has put the cupboard doors back onto the cabinet. I am not sure whether I shall keep them, though, because if I put Mum’s pine table in front of the balcony door, the doors won’t open. I don’t mind open shelves, which give easy access to the contents. The waste will be visible, but I’m not too fussed about that.

03 Sink Unit

In the ARTHaven proper, I’ve been continuing to bring stuff in. At present it’s just being dumped in the respective work zones, ready to be sorted later. I haven’t got my deep shelves yet, or the music cabinet from Mum’s furniture (coming out of store tomorrow) so there are certain things that can’t find a home just yet.

This is the main work area. The little brown thing on the left is a small divided box which I got from Dad’s workshop. It is very oily, but after steam cleaning it, I shall paint it white and mount it on the wall for storing small pots of things – maybe my flowersoft, or glitters or something.

04 Main Work Zone Stuff Being Brought In

A couple more Really Useful Boxes in the black shelf unit, and on the left, some album binding equipment and other odds and ends. I am proposing to store things in this unit that I don’t use very often – it holds a lot as it’s very deep, and has nice big shelves. Mum’s pine table will most likely live in front of it, to be moved beside the sink when I want to do any dyeing etc. near the sink. I have got a set of castors that I am going to put on this table so I can move it easily – actually I’ve got three castors, and hoping the fourth will turn up eventually!!

05 RUBs in Black Shelf Unit

In the shelves across the corner where Sheba, my Cougar cutting machine will eventually live, I have put my small cardboard storage boxes. This is only a temporary arrangement for now, as I’m not sure I want them stored on their ends like that, but they do all fit in quite nicely. My aerosol cans of spray adhesives etc. are above. Again, none of these choices are set in stone and I shall probably move stuff around several times before it finds its permanent home. The ring binder storage boxes will go in the office once the shelves are fitted in there.

06 Small Cardboard Box Storage

Over on the textile wall, I’ve put my plastic boxes full of buttons, lace, braids, etc. etc. on the shelves. I am delighted how well they fit! The cardboard boxes in the middle section will get unpacked eventually into more accessible storage.

07 Textile Zone Stuff Being Brought In

A long and busy day today, but at least I’ve managed to clear a path to the fitted cupboard in the spare room so my hubby can start to get his stuff stored in there.


  1. You're getting there, Shoshi! :) I hope the move of your mom's things went very well.


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