Thursday, 15 August 2013

My New ARTHaven–The Sink and the Blind Man

The second of two posts today. When we arrived at the new house this morning, we offloaded some stuff, and then we set off for the curtain and blind shop to choose and order a Venetian blind for my ARTHaven. It was arranged that someone would come in the afternoon to measure up. When my hubby came to collect me, I told him that the blind man had come, and he’d managed to drive to the house, cross the hall, negotiate the stairs and walk into my ARTHaven and then measure up, all without the aid of a dog or a white stick, or me having to lead him by the hand. My hubby told me that the man had rung him twice on his mobile for directions to the house, and I said, “Well, you have to make allowances. He was a blind man, after all!”

I’ve chosen a neutral cream-beige colour with a matt finish, really plain, which tones well with the floor and work surfaces. I don’t want anything that’s going to shout its presence aloud, but which will blend in. It will be neater and cleaner looking than the curtains which are going, and I will be able to filter the light as I want.

The basin in the corner is in the process of being removed now.

01 ARTHaven Basin being Removed

The cabinet has been removed and the pipes disconnected. There is a spare base unit from the original kitchen which is going in here, with shelves for storage, and the sink also from the original kitchen. I ordered a pull-out tap from Ebay a couple of days ago, (really cheap) and when we got home today it was waiting for me, so I’ll take it over on Monday ready for them to install. There will be splashback tiles the same as those going in the new kitchen, annexe kitchen and utility room, and where the small shelf is, on the right, Andy will fit a shelf for the small microwave.

After this, all he will have to do is fit the deep shelf over the freestanding storage units, and then the room will be complete, and ready for me to start filling with all my stuff.


  1. Bet you can't wait! All looking lovely!

  2. Shoshi I am loving hearing about your ARThaven coming into reality for you and I think the beige is a fabulous color choice as you can then add color with your wonderful art work. Have a great weekend! Danie

  3. how exciting. keep taking photos so we can see the process.

  4. I'm glad you are SO close to moving into your ARThaven!


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