Friday, 2 August 2013

Our New House–Mostly Annexe Again

The first of two posts today. Over at the new house, they were concentrating on the annexe again, so that once it’s completed, we can move Mum’s stuff in and get it organised before the move.

Apparently Andy has had an unfortunate accident with his glasses – something to do with the dog… Anyway, he’s got a new pair of over-the-counter reading glasses which you can see him modelling here. Pretty, aren’t they. (Ha ha!)

01 Andy's Pretty Glasses

There were lots of rude remarks about them, as you can imagine.

Tim the electrician was there again today, and he has wired in one of the ceiling lights I bought yesterday, in the main kitchen. Gone is the ghastly pendant light with its hideous shade!

02 Ceiling Light in Kitchen

He hasn’t put the glass cover on yet. It’s flush fitting, quite plain and discreet, and although not over-bright (low-energy bulb, 75-watt equivalent) it’s all we need to provide ambient light. More specific lighting will be provided by spots over the sink, the extractor hood’s own light over the hob, and lighting under the wall units.

Tim brought in a sample spot fitting for me to approve (I did) and two bulbs to try – the first a halogen, which we are having in the kitchen spots, and the second an LED, which I have chosen for my ARTHaven – a very good clear pure white light that should be good for photography.

Paul has finished laying the plumbing in the annexe bathroom and fitted the shower tray with its waste, and today he covered the walls with plasterboard where the bath had been taken out, ready for tiling.

03 Plasterboard in Annexe Bathroom

Andy went off to B&Q to get some tiles and came back frustrated yet again with B&Q, who are making him come back tomorrow for them, for the same reason he had all the trouble getting the en-suite bathroom tiles – they won’t use the fork lift in the store while there are customers in. The tiles we want always seem to be on the top shelf!!

He did come back with the replacement window for the annexe sitting room, and this is now installed, in place of the cracked one, and he got some extra shelves and brackets for my ARTHaven.

Peter was busy all day, tiling the lean-to roof. The weather must be cooler – he’s got a T-shirt on today!!

04 Peter Tiling the Lean-To

(On this and the next photos, unfortunately there’s a smear on the lens of my camera which I didn’t notice. All cleaned off now, though.)

The lean-to tiling complete. It looks so nice and clean, matching the main roof, and uncluttered by the unsightly redundant chimney and the flue from the old boiler.

05 Lean-To Tiling Finished

Soon the scaffolding at the back of the house will come down. The front scaffolding has now gone, which looks a lot better.

Finally, here’s Andy the Monkey Man. We think he’s been eating too many bananas, and cant stop himself from swinging from the scaffolding.

06 Andy the Monkey Man

A good day today with lots of progress, but most of it not particularly photogenic. Tim worked hard in the annexe kitchen sorting the wiring – like the original plumbing in the annexe bathroom, this leaves a lot to be desired, with spurs running off spurs, and quite unacceptable as far as modern standards are concerned, so unfortunately the whole kitchen has had to be re-wired. However, since the pipe down the annexe side of the house can’t be buried, the money can go to Tim instead! He said he was VERY happy with that!

He also did a bit of work wiring in my boiling water tap in the main kitchen.

He is not sure if he will be in on Monday as it’s the day after his birthday and he says he may be a little worse for wear!! He will be wiring in the ARTHaven power points and lights and completing work in the annexe, and also wiring in the spots in the main kitchen, which will probably all take several days.

The annexe sitting room still has to have the radiator re-installed on the end wall (it was removed to make room for the new window and door), and then Paul will be able to start plastering in there and in the bathroom – he’s going to do some in the main kitchen too, over the hob, so that the beautiful extractor hood can be installed.

Still lots to do, but progress is definitely being made on all fronts.

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