Wednesday, 15 October 2014


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What’s on my workdesk this Wednesday? Nothing!


As is of often the case, I am between projects at the moment, and have cleared the desk. Well, not entirely… The black plastic food container on the left has talc in it, which I brush onto my mixed media pages to stop them sticking together. There’s a card with some butcher twine on it which I got recently and can’t decide where I should keep it. My black and white acrylic paints haven’t been put away, and all my distress inks are still hanging about because I don’t know what else to do with them!

Just so you are not bored to death by such a bare desk, I think I’d better show you what I did last week.

Latest project – a Stampin’ Up Mosaic Madness birthday card for a friend:

06 Card and Envelope

During the past week I have done two more pages in my recycled mini-album. The first was on education:

11 Education Pages Blurred

and the second was the wedding page.

20 Wedding - Finished Page Blurred

At the felt-making class last Wednesday evening, we made flowers. I made two poppies and a leaf, which I am going to attach to a hair clip.

10 Possible Arrangement of Finished Pieces

I’ve been up and down a bit with my health this week (nothing new there!) and I’ve at last got some peppermint Gaviscon instead of the unspeakably awful aniseed! The peppermint one is only 50% revolting instead of 100%, so bearable, at a pinch. We’ve had some very good news from the vet after our older kitty Beatrice’s day there, having a bladder scan and various other things done – she is clear of infection at last, and the vet is very pleased with her.

A bit of info that might interest you – I was googling for an empty nasal spray bottle this evening and came across a website called Ampulla that supplies no end of different bottles and containers in glass and plastic, and they do a pen spray bottle (it is long and thin, with a pen clip type of cap on it) which they say sprays with a fine mist, and I thought what a good mini-mister this would make! They are extremely cheap – a fraction of the cost of a real mini-mister, so I have ordered some, so I can make sprays from my distress stains (having eventually collected the whole set, I am not about to start buying the distress sprays as well, when all I need to do is decant what I want). It’s another case of thinking outside the box, and being able to get stuff much cheaper a lot of the time, if one looks outside the normal art/craft suppliers who usually charge a lot, especially here in the UK. I also ordered some lovely little blue glass dropper bottles to put my lavender oil in once it’s finished infusing – they will make nice little Christmas presents! I thought I’d also make up a few lavender bags with scraps of lace etc. to go with them. I am interested in making my own skin creams and cosmetics (have already made a brilliant shea butter moisturiser for skin and hair) and they supply lots of containers for such things.

Have a productive and creative week, everybody, and happy WOYWW!


  1. Well you certainly have been productive and I am very impressed with your start into your own range of beauty products.
    The felted poppy is absolutely beautiful - they would sell like crazy as they are so good. Well, I think so.
    The mosaic card and matching envie is beautiful - what a lovely colour - and the journal pages, well, they are simply fantastic.
    What a lot of beauty is on your desk this week.
    Hugs, Neet 14 xx

  2. Ampulla is a clever name for that company! What a find that was, the mini misters sounds useful and it just goes to show that crafting companies will take anything, stick a fancy name on it and charge four times the price! The lavender oil sounds good too :-)
    But most of all, I LOVE that teal card, the pattern, the colour...everything is perfect :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 23 xx

  3. Your mini album is absolutely beautiful - I think the black and white edgings are stunning and so eye catching. I'm also loving your felting - the poppies are gorgeous and very apt for this time of year. Good news about your kitty and thanks for the info about the storage bottles very useful. Hope you feel a bit better this week,
    Diana x

  4. Hi Shoshi, I am with you completely on finding alternatives! The 'craft' versions just seem an excuse to double the price, I will be going to have at look at the place you mention. Another great one, especially if you want to do your own cosmetics and stuff, is called:SENSORY PERFECTION. She does all manner of pots/tubs/sprays etc, plus all the perfumes/oil/ etc etc for adding. I bought a load of Mica powders from her, that I've used in crafting, like Perfect Pearls.Glad you are coping with the awful taste of your Gaviscon, and that Beatrice is doing well. Have a great week, Hugs. Shaz #38 xxx

  5. Hi there.
    It's been a while but I have finally got to sharing my desk again! And popping by to visit lol.
    Loving the flowers. I do think felt work is beautiful.
    Now I am just trying to catch up with all the people I've missed over the last couple of months.
    Hope you have a lovely week. (and thank you for your recent comments on my blog. They are always appreciated.
    Neil #46

  6. I've never caught on to all the TH stuff - the same thing in different packages with a different applicator? Not for me thanks!
    Your poppy is gorgeous
    I know what you mean about gaviscon - it does produce great facial expressions as you try to swallow it
    Happy WOYWW

  7. Me again, Shoshi. I've just been and ordered some of those misters- they look identical to some I bought at the NEC last year, and they work perfectly. Someone clearly had bought these, and re-packaged! and I Paid a lot more than this for them though, lol.Thanks for that bit of enabling, :)Shaz xx

  8. Glad you hear you are feeling better!! I can certainly understand that! :)

    LOVE your mosaic card - a real stunner!! Your albums are also great.

    Hang in there!!!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #21

  9. Your card and envelope are beautiful and the poppies are positively stunning! Anne x

  10. Wow what a clean desk. YOu should be full of creative ideas now.
    Love your journal pages
    Bridget #48

  11. Hi, Shoshi. The card that you made is beautiful! I keep saying this, but I'm always drawn to turquoise. The envelope is an awesome accompaniment. I have the same heat gun and I also have a Stampin Up one. The Ranger one is quieter, but is slower than the Stampin Up one. I use both because each has its own advantages. Love the felt flowers too. Your workspace is so tidy.....:) Thanks for letting me stop by. Nann #57

  12. What a fantastic post this week, so informative and interesting. I agree with you when thinking outside the box with art supplies etc. Now you have peeked my curiosity with the containers and you will have to share when they arrive. Thanks for your post today.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza, Yoda & Flat Susan #42

  13. your mini album looks great! I love all that lace and doodling! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #50

  14. Hi Shoshi, well your desk may not have much going on right now but it's ready for action and you've obviously been busy - your mini book is looking really good and I'm glad to see the felting went so well last week. The poppies are beautiful, very impressive results. Thanks for the link to Ampulla, sounds like they're well worth checking out. Happy WOYWW :o) Annie C #64

  15. All are great projects, Shoshi. I soooo! love your mini album.

  16. Wow Shoshi your desk may be empty at the moment but what a lot of lovely items you have made. Love them all but I think my favourite is the felted flowers. like all the ideas you have as the sound of he blue bottles etc. Good news re your cat as well. Anne x #27

  17. Hi Shoshi,
    That's lovely work. Of course I subscribe to your blog so I have already had the pleasure of seeing that beautiful card and the stunning journal pages.
    There's another lady on WOYWW who has recently started felting (Lisa#31) did you know?
    That was a good find that website for the bottles (Ampulla)
    Thank you for letting me peep over your shoulder.
    Have a good week,
    a hug and God bless,

  18. Oh Shoshi - thanks for a lovely, newsy post, and the heads up about Ampulla. It's great when crafters share tips like this. Take care, and have a lovely week. Chris # 16

  19. I don't think my desk is ever that tidy for very long. The card is lovely one of my favourite colours. The journal pages are very different and interesting - is that a family wedding photo? Beautiful poppies I've just bought my niece a needle felting kit. Good to hear about your kitty. Ohh love thinking out of the box - sometimes people forget they can get the accessories cheaper elsewhere. Have a lovely week Anita woyww #49

  20. Hi Shoshi, the pages are lovely, the desk is a bit too tidy for me to cope with Lol! but I will let you off Lol! The card is gorgeous and the mini journal pages fantastic.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 41

  21. Shoshi,
    That poppy is sensational, so realistic.
    So glad your kitty hashad the all clear and that you have some gaviscon that is vaguely tolerable, must confess I like aniseed but is is an aquired taste.
    I googled Ampulla and it looks like a wonderful site, thank you for sharing that information especially that pen mister.
    Chris #20

  22. Hi Shoshi, it's been fun snooping round your desk. Love the idea of decanting stains into misters, that really sounds like a plan. I bought a few stains when they first came out and they are still sealed up but I like the idea of spraying with them. I shall be looking into that company so thanks for the info. It's amazing what you can find isn't it, I've just got some Brushos through the suppliers my school uses at a fraction of the cost craft places are charging!!!
    Hugs Lisax #31

  23. Just me again. I forgot to say, I've been making felt at a class too, great minds!!!! Love your flower, we are embroidering and embellishing ours.
    Hugs Lisax #31

  24. Thanks for popping over Shoshi, it sounds like we are doing a very similar course. We are needle felting on Monday and nuno felting after half term so we'll be able to compare notes and pictures, lol.
    Hugs Lisax

  25. Yip, I too shop in odd places and get some real bargains that way. Glad to hear you kitty is getting there and hope your health is not too bad at the moment. I am late to visit as I had a self inflicted deadline to achieve...!9

  26. Hi Shoshi,
    Just for once, I wish my workspace could look as tidy as yours! And you know it is there, all neat and tidy, ready for you to start on something new whenever you are ready.
    I've also found some little spray bottles (at the cheap shop - Red Dollar it is called here) which I've used to make sprays, like Glimmermist, although I seem to have a never ending supply of those anyway :)
    I've also dabbled with essential oils and creams (ages ago). We have a good company here called Sydney Essential Oil Company, but the nice jars and containers are very expensive here, especially if you are not buying in bulk.
    Glad kitty is OK. Hope you are doing OK too, of course.
    BTW, I meant to tell you before, my sister also saw the Kaffe Fassett exhibition (I am green with envy) when she was in England/Wales in May/June. We have both been long time fans of his work. I like his knitting and she likes his patchwork :)
    Oh, and the biscuit package is just a cardboard box. I hope to get on with it this weekend, before I lose interest :)
    I haven't forgotten about the felting, either, :)
    Hope you have a nice weekend.

  27. Hi again,
    Yes, I did have a quick look at your photos ... fabulous! My sister took lots too, of course, but we haven't got that far into her trip to see them yet :) 'cos I think she took thousands :)!
    You must be up early, because, by my reckoning it's not even 6am there yet :)

  28. Thanks for calling by at mine earlier. I'm so glad you did cos I've really enjoyed seeing your gorgeous felting.....I really NEED to have some fun with my rovings now! :-)
    Annie x # 18

  29. Thanks for the visit. Taking a "Me" morning and enjoying some coffee and visiting a few fun blogs. I also visited the 2 current posts on felting ! Oh I love the hair clip. I have loved this new technique, but not many classes in the states that I've found. Enjoy a fun weekend.

  30. OMG! I was reading through the felting posts on my way here then read your moan about the empty desk...OMG! girl you get so much more done then I do and make so many beautiful and different things. I am jealous. Love that Poppy Hair clip and those journal pages esp the wedding one are just awesome. I bought some of those pen style misters a while back from Stampin Up! at a lot higher price. I wonder if I can find these here in the US. I want to do the same thing you are talking about. Enough. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #76

  31. I love that beautiful card and envelope. The colour is gorgeous and how cute is that felt poppy. The book is wonderful, you are so creative. It's always good when you find something that will work a treat and is cheaper than the regular things you buy. We've been using ordinary spray bottles (and killing our hands with all the pumping) with our inking and then our teacher discovered pump up weed sprayer bottle at the hardware store. It works a treat and is cheap.
    Have a great week.
    Von #25

  32. You have been busy. The blue card is beautiful.

    Journals lovely and I adore the Poppy clip.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #35

  33. The desk night be empty but you've certainly been busy! Love the mini album, and the poppies are great! Saw your felt too, how clever.
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my album - I loves making it
    Debs xx

  34. Thank you for your visit to my desk. The felted poppies are beautiful and I love the card you have made too.

    KraftyKaren #74

  35. Cor clean desk!!!!! Wow! After so many projects mine would be covered in bits and pieces from every project!


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