Wednesday, 29 October 2014


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So… what’s on my desk this week? The next page of my Recycled Mini-Album.


This was my desk as I was sorting out the materials and photos for the page.

This is how far I’ve got.

29 Early Family Life Title Border

There’s still a bit of tidying up to do, but I think I’ll probably leave it at that.

I’m sorry I didn’t get to visit many desks last week – in between being too busy for my own good, I had a bad week with my M.E. and spent a lot of time on the recliner, and some of the time was too poorly to be on the computer (and that’s really saying something lol!). I’ve got very behind with everything again, and when I did manage to spend time in my ARTHaven, I seemed to have lost my touch as far as design was concerned – poor composition and generally leaving me feeling pretty frustrated!

See what I mean?

08 Finished Piece

The centre design, made from woven strips of multi-coloured papers from sugar wrappers, turned out quite well, but the Zentangle is a disaster so I’m going to cut it out and re-mount it.

My hubby and I went to the Devon Guild of Craftsmen Centre in Bovey Tracey the other day and I had a good look at the felt in particular – gorgeous work, and it gave me an idea of what to expect at our final felt class which was on nuno felting. This is what I did – I only managed one end of the scarf but hope to complete it sometime.

12 Nuno Felting

I’ve got a couple of weeks off before starting another 5-week course with the same teacher, this time on soap making. There will be more felt in February.

Later in the week I got hiiiigh on alcohol ink and made myself even more drunk on my feet than usual, and this was the result – quite satisfactory:

13 All the Backgrounds

but then I made a card – I had to do it in a hurry because I forgot it was my friend’s birthday the next day:

02 Finished Card

I was very unhappy with the bitty, messy composition. Am I losing my touch or what??? Time I got my act together again, and hope my creative mojo isn’t on the way out, and that this is just the latest manifestation of the strange disease I suffer from!! (Decomposition? I do hope not…)

Anyway, enough drivel from Shisho (suffering from frainbog) this week – hope you all have a great creative week with lots of mojo and excellent composition. Happy WOYWW everybody.


  1. I'm sure you are not the only one suffering from frainbog, Shisho!! As we moved rapidly nearer to Christmas - that glorious season of our Saviour coming to earth as a baby, then more and more seem to go into manic and panic modes. A real pity as He is the Prince of Peace...
    Anyway, gorgeous scarf end - hope you get the second end made before too long...
    Take care of yourselves. God bless.
    Margaret #16

  2. I love the look of black and white with the sepia in your recycled journal. It has a unique feel to it! Have a crafty week! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #32

  3. Happy WOYWW. Sorry to hear that you have been struggling recently, with your health and your mojo. I am finding that I can cope with the Fibro etc reasonably well, as long as I get plenty of time at home to just 'potter/rest'. Unfortunately, hubby likes to get away as much as he can - and it is so difficult to disappoint him, so I tend to give in and then get really tired/befuddled (love that word!) with days out/trips away. Going to have to put my foot down and get the home time I need. I have just bought myself a needle felting kit and will eventually get round to trying it out. So many crafts, so little time/energy! Hope the coming week is better for you. Ali x #40

  4. Hi Shoshi, I know what you mean. I've just had 6 weeks off work, and feel like I've accomplished very little, just not 'feeling it' when it comes to putting things together. Then you feel like you 'have to', and I swear that always makes it worse. The ones we absolutely have to do never seem to work as well. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #14 xxx

  5. Hi Shoshi, love the scarf, gorgeous texture and colour.
    Your mini journal is looking great too.
    Have a great crafty week, Angela x 34

  6. I think you are far too hard on yourself!! Your art is lovely!!!! So hush up! Enjoy the journey and remember to have fun. Good MOJO wishes being sent your way!

    Jeannie #27

  7. I definitely identify with the frainbog (I'm a fibro sufferer) and hate how it messes with my creativity at times.

    Take care of yourself - I am sure the creativity will come back, I think sometimes our mojo just has to take a little holiday - imagine him/her off somewhere nice and sunny, laying by a pool drinking a cocktail LOL - they will be back once they are fed up with holidaying LOL!!

    I hope you will share the scarf once it is finished

    KraftyKaren #58

  8. i thhink your designs are ok ... im never happy withmycreations especially in my thefelting ....very colourful
    janet #17

  9. The scarf end is fabulous. Sorry you have been feeling so poorly. I'm sure you're not losing your wonderful talents and that it is just 'the frainbog ' ;-) Anne x #18

  10. Hi Shisho! I know what it's like to be fuddle brained, but don't worry, we all have these moments, frustrating though they may be.
    Your recycled family book is coming on nicely. I like!
    And that scarf is stunning but I might have told you that at the time.
    Have a good week,
    Thank you for letting look over your shoulder,

  11. You got a lot of projects done! Great work! The ones you don't like will be brought to a good end I trust
    Gabriele 31

  12. Hi Shoshi

    I think you are right about the candy wrapper design thing ... the placement of the colours is great, but I think they would be better on a plainer background. Maybe something just black and whiteish, with perhaps a hint of one of the colours, maybe the lime or orange (neither of which are my favourite colours, but I think they might work). Sorry, just my two pennies worth :)
    The felting is looking good! I still have to take some pics to show you some of mine. Haven't forgotten :)
    Hope are feeling a bit better soon, take it easy though.
    RosA # 19

  13. Oh dear, it's 1pm (lunch soon) here, (and I'm at work, sigh), so it must be about 4am there! As someone who regularly wakes up (not voluntarily) at 3am, I hope you are getting some rest ... sometime.

  14. SO much creating going on, lots of different arty things--great woyww nosy here, thank you for sharing, Shoshi!

    #56 this week with
    a new old stamp set

  15. Hah, I forget to take into account our daylight savings here :)
    Sleep well :)

  16. Hey take it easy, don't put yourself down it won't get you anywhere your work is wonderful and creative, we all have slumps especially when the body doesn't want to keep up. I know when my fibromyalgia plays up it alters the mind slightly due to pain, but hey soldier on, art is good creativity is good, just be you the wonderful you.

    Oh and that scarf is to die for.

    Sorry just getting to visit till now, DD stole my computer and I didn't want to reply on the iPad as it takes forever.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda #9
    Thanks for visiting and happy WOYWW

  17. I hope you're feeling better now. It's hard when your creative mojo goes for a walk. I'm sure you will get in and do a great job this week. Having said that I think your projects are all beautiful.
    Have a great week,
    Von #11

  18. The frainbog will clear and your mojo will return, but we can be very hard on ourselves - much more demanding and unforgiving than we'd be with others. Try to relax and be kind to yourself - you're very precious, and deserve it! There is a season for everything, including chill out and recuperate time. Hugs and blessings, Chris # 24

  19. PS Don't tell anyone else, but I've even resorted to BUYING cards on occasions when time and mojo were not around!! Ssh!!

  20. The vintage look of your journal pages are fantastic. The alphabet rubber stamps look like a really nice font. I really like the your felted piece. Take care and don't get too frustrated when something doesn't go as planned. Walk away and come back later and you'll find you'll come up with another way to use it. Thank you for visiting my blog Anita woyww 44


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