Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Well, it’s the big 300! And I didn’t think I would be around to participate – if what I am doing these days can in any shape or form be called “participating” because my desk is a neglected, naked, dust gathering parody of a desk at the moment with no creative stuff going on at all.

Those of you who have been following my adventures recently may wonder what on earth I am doing on here, when I should be tucked up in hospital recovering from my bowel surgery! If you haven’t visited my blog or read my Cancer Diary page recently, we arrived first thing on Friday, for me to be admitted for surgery, and had got well into the admission process when the surgeon returned and said it was all off – there was no High Dependency bed available for me so I had to go home! I was devastated and climbing the walls and very confused and upset. We had to wait for another slot to come up and the surgeon said he would do his utmost to expedite this for us.

I received a letter from the hospital today giving me a new date – Wednesday 18th March, in the afternoon. So I’ve now got a clear fortnight to rest and prepare. My bag is already packed and I’m ready to go. Suddenly life has become very “normal” again, reflected in the sort of things I put on my online Tesco order tonight – I thought I’d ordered my last pineapple ever (or at least for a very long time) and now I’ve got the chance for one more!

As I said, nothing on the desk, so I’ll share another kitty photo with you.

Phoebe and N Drooping 11-10-13

A droopy pair. Phoebe is such a baby. Like a kitten, when she gets sleepy, she droops rather than lying down first, and occasionally she falls off whatever she’s on! Here she is with my very droopy hubby, both in the Land of Nod! Lol!

Happy WOYWW everybody, especially for this 300th one!


  1. I'm very sorry to hear that you got all the way to ready, set, and then no go, Shoshi, bless you. Enjoy the pineapples and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers as you try to keep your mind occupied and your nerves calm. I wish you all the best! Hugs, Darnell

  2. Love that photo of your other half mimicking Phoebe - or is it the other way around? Either way it is well worth saving.
    Sorry to hear that the appointment had to be cancelled. I just popped along in the off chance someone had posted how you were and here you are - I was thinking about you hard and long on Friday.
    Well, good luck for the 18th, I sincerely hope they manage to have a bed and are ready to go then.
    Take care in the meantime.
    Neet 10 xx

  3. Oh what a sweet photo. Poor Phoebe, and poor hubby.Two tired darlings.
    Hmm enjoy that pineapple!Yum!!

  4. Hi Shoshi, love that picture of Nicholas and Phoebe. You are right, cats are so funny when they 'drop off', often literally! Glad they've got it sorted for you, just sorry you have another wait. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #37 xx

  5. So sorry Shoshi to hear your surgery had been cancelled, I can only imagine how you felt, Happy WOYWW to you, take care x
    Jan S no 49

  6. Oh poor you! This happened to be before my amputation. I was sitting there in my op gown, all sober and after 5 hours of waiting they sent me home with a new appointment. I was terribly angry!
    Wishing you a lot of strength!
    That photo of your droopy pair is so adorable!
    Gabriele 26

  7. Oh Shoshi, it's such hard work keeping the anxiety under control and staying calm isn't it. I hope you have a couple of calm weeks with a few more 'spoilies'! Fingers (and everything else) crossed that it's all go on the 18th. I love the photo of hubby and the kitty by the way!
    Thinking of you, take care,
    Diana xx

  8. Hi Shoshi, not sure who will drop off to sleep first! Lets hope the date they've given you will be okay this time.
    Just try to make the most of the rest time. In a way it's a good thing you had been through alot before you were due in which must have been quite stressfull. Have a great woyww, Angela x 42

  9. That photo made me chuckle
    Lynn xx 30

  10. Fingers crossed your op goes ahead on the 18th. It's lovely to see your hubby and kitty having a power nap. Enjoy that Pineapple!!

  11. Well that's an upset, when you have yourself prepared and then a no go--what a thing! Sorry to hear this, Shoshi, and will be checking back--March 18th isn't far off!!

    That photo is fabulous--what a great snap!!!

    Happy woyww!
    #70 this week with a tiny
    Irish Blessings book

  12. Just finished reading your diary Shosi, and I am so glad I did take the time to do so.
    With many, many prayers flying your way, stay positive as possible and know God is always there when the rest of cannot be.
    Krisha #2

  13. That would put me on an emotional roller coaster. You are amazing to just keep going strong, and enjoying each day. So glad to see you on here today. Love the "droopy" photo! Happy WOYWW #300! Sandy Leigh #58

  14. Awww....your two darlings look so peaceful. :) It's nice that the three of you have this time alone together. Cats can be amazing at soaking up their humans' stress. They seem to sense it and absorb it.
    Sending strength and serenity your way.
    Hugs. Nann #54

  15. What a hard thing to have the surgery put off! All set and ready to go and they take the wind out of your sails. Thinking of you! Glenda #43

  16. Love the photo Shoshi. Enjoy the pineapple and what ever else you decide on in the unexpected time you've got before the op. Maybe it's good that you can at least rest now before it's done - even though I know it was awful having it cancelled like that. Anne x #38

  17. Ah, a new date! That's great. It's the not knowing/in limbo feeling that is so awful. I hope you are able to enjoy this fortnight and have lots of 'spoilies'.
    Lovely photo of hubby and Phoebe in the land of Nod.....
    Now back to packing my suitcase,
    have a great week,


  18. Sending a big hug - how frustrating to be all keyed up to have the surgery & then get let down. Hope you can enjoy the in between time between now & the 18th. Thinking about you & wishing you well. Love Ali #21

  19. Hi Shoshi happy 300th WOYWW, So I've been away for a few weeks and was gobsmacked to read about your cancer and delayed surgery. I just told Shaz that you are both in our thoughts way over here in Australia. I love that you are keeping a diary too and that it is out there for others to read and to know and understand about their diagnosis. I'm a breast cancer survivor, 15 years. Sending you all positive vibes and hope all goes well in the next few weeks. Cheers RobynO#14

  20. Good luck for 18th, Shaz mentioned about your postponed surgery so pleased you have a new date.
    No desk from me this week but wanted to say hi.

  21. What a sweet photo of the droopy pair! How frustrating to have the delay. My thoughts are with you as you prepare do this again in a couple of weeks. Gives you some more time to cause troubles in the mean time. judy #74

  22. What a great picture wonder if they are both looking at the same thing
    Happy Late WOYWW hugs Nikki 1


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