Thursday, 17 January 2013

Wedding Photos

Darnell from WOYWW has just celebrated her anniversary with her lovely “Mister” – hop over to her blog and see her gorgeous photos, of her wedding, and then years on, with her Mister with his buttons done up all wrong lol! She has also included a link to her friend Ardyth, who is doing a wedding photo sharing thingy – if you want to join in, click here.

I thought it would be fun to share one of our wedding photos.

We were married on 24th May 1986, 26 years ago. I designed and made my dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses. You can see more about our wedding here – this post is all about the special present I made for my hubby for our silver wedding in 2011, and at the end of the post you will find the videos of the work in progress. Each one features music and photos from our wedding, and the final video ends with a complete slide show of our wedding photos.

Here is a picture of my lovely hubby as he is now, with his favourite kitty Beatrice – those two are joined at the heart!!

Anyone else feel like sharing their special day with us? What fun this is. Thanks Darnell!


  1. Wow - these photos are amazing - what beautifully unique dresses - you are clearly very multitalented! Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog and for linking up with the Anniversary Fun! It's been so much fun meeting so many new people!

  2. What a lovely photo of your hubby! And that wedding photo - what a great day that was!

  3. Lovely wedding photo hun, you both look stunning

  4. Awesome photos! My DH has a Fu Manchu moustache (of sorts) and his favorite kitty, Skiddy, loves to love on him scritching her face on the moustache! Beautiful wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses and it looks like you had lots of talent even back then. DH designed my dress and my mother took several patterns and created mine. Buy a dress wasn't an option as we were both poor college students! Have a great day. Vickie

  5. Shoshi, this has been such a fun post!! I'm sorry I didn't come by sooner. I took some time off to actually celebrate with Mister, and I'm slowly making my way through the fantastic links over at Ardyth's.

    Thank you SO much for your sweet wishes to me and the Mister! We've been quite overwhelmed by the outpouring of love! And thank you for all the wonderful comments on my blog.

    You and your gown look so stunning in your photo! And I love the elegant attire and top hats and those unique bridesmaid dresses! I can't believe you designed and made your detailed gown and those dresses! Dang! Mine were from an easy empire waist Simplicity Pattern, way easier than what you accomplished!! It was so fun of you to link up over at Ardyth's!

    Thank you, again! Have a wonderful weekend! Darnell


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