Wednesday, 7 August 2013


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Not a lot to report this week on my new ARTHaven because the builders have been concentrating on the annexe so we can move Mum’s stuff in, in advance of our own move. It’s all go now and there’s a lot to do.

However, Chris has assembled my last remaining section of large black shelving unit, and organised the free-standing storage area of the room. This is not the pretty side of the room, but it’s against the dividing wall between the ARTHaven proper and the office area, and you don’t immediately see it, until you enter the room.

03 Free-Standing Storage

Much prettier is this:

02 Shabby Chic Shelf Unit

He’s hung my shabby chic shelving unit that I got on Ebay. I painted it white because the original artificially distressed finish was just that – artificial – the distressing was added randomly and not in places where something would naturally get worn, and it looked horrible! Much better plain white. This area above the blocked-off fireplace is going to be my display area.

You can see a few things that I’ve snuck in ahead of time – my sewing machine, a Really Useful box, a length of guttering that I’m going to use to make my ruler store, and the black thing on the shelf is my new gooseneck camera clamp for holding the video camera.

I can’t put everything in until Tim the electrician has connected up the power points and installed the lights. He’s very busy in the annexe at the moment so I will have to wait. I am keen to get on, because my hubby wants to put stuff in the room where all my ARTHaven stuff is currently stored, and I want to get it sorted before Mum’s stuff arrives on 23rd August – my work will be cut out after that, to get it straight before our main move (no date as yet for that).

So, we’re getting there, slowly but surely!

I haven’t been too well this week – my colitis has been flaring which is a real bore – I’ve got my hospital appointment to see the gastroenterologist next Tuesday and it can’t come soon enough. Also, yesterday morning I woke up with cystitis and had a very unpleasant day dealing with frequent and painful peeing! However, my dear hubby went and got my prescription of antibiotics which I started last night, and after only one dose I started to feel very much better, and this morning it feels quite normal again – amazing! I have to complete the 5-day course, of course, because if you stop when you start to feel better, it can come back again, and worse, because the bacteria develop resistance to the drug. (I wish people would learn this lesson about antibiotics – I am sure that widespread misuse of them has contributed to our current problems with antibiotic resistance. This includes sharing them with others, which is a huge no-no – for starters it means you aren’t taking your full course, and secondly, these are prescription drugs and should never be taken without the advice of a doctor. I am constantly hearing of people who don’t follow these simple rules.)

Happy WOYWW, everyone, and thanks to Julia for organising it again.


  1. It's really coming together now and is looking like a great room. Sorry to hear you've been unwell. Hope things settle down soon for you

    From the bears @#84

  2. Your new space is looking amazing!! Wow, you're going to be so happy in there :-)
    And I'm glad you're feeling better too....
    Hugs, LLJ 58 xx

  3. Oh look at your desk and your wonderful cabinet.. You wont know yourself when you get in there and get all organised.. Wont be long now..
    Sandy :) #61

  4. Your room is going to be amazing:)

    Happy WOYWW. Susi #63

  5. What an awesome workspace! I hear you about the 'artifisial' distressing- it really grates, doesn't it? Especially when there is a whole internet full of guidance & help at your fingertips today. Not like the 'old days' when we had to go and borrow library books, lol. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #48 xx

  6. Perfect title as what a super haven it will be. It is really a lovely space. Lucky you.
    So sorry to hear you havn't been well this week but how good it is that the medication worked so quickly for you.
    Thanks for popping in on me and for your lovely comment,
    Jo x

  7. It is looking amazing already, lots of storage space and I love your cute little shabby chic shelves!

  8. Your room is certainly taking shape now, going to be fabulous, well worth the wait.

    sorry you have been so poorly, I had no idea people took other peoples meds, how silly.

    Lynda #82

  9. Your retreat is coming along beautifully! Lots of shelving etc, so it will be great! I love my room that I finished with my hubby in Jan. The problem, I don't want to leave it to work. Feel better soon!! Winnie#76

  10. love the way your room is shaping up! It is always nice when our plans come together the way we need them too...This year nothing has worked out the way I want them too! Have a great week and thanks for stopping by my desk and commenting. Vickie #36

  11. Oh that is going to be a great room when it's finished! Hope you feel better soon Shoshi - thanls for stopping by! Cindy

  12. Well you know I love your craft room and can't wait to see you in it!
    Yes, that google+ is a pain! I mean, it's google, so why can't we comment on the blogs, they're the same surely!?! They want me to change my youtube and my google name and anything else they know about so it's the same, it takes AGES to keep trying to comment on youtube as a popup shows over the page stopping any comment. they already know so much but at the same time know nothing as they thought I was someone else trying to use my facebook page to comment on a google+ blog...Then they showed me pictures of blogger friends with family I have know idea who they are, so couldn't answer the 'questions'! anyway!! have a fun crafty week Happy WOYWW!
    #38 or I was!

  13. It's so exciting to see your new ARTHaven taking shape and all the changes you are making come together, Shoshi! But I am so sorry to hear that you have had a colitis flare-up and a bout of cystitis. That's rough. I agree with you about the antibiotics!

    Take care and feel better! Happy WOYWW. Thanks for the visit to me! Darnell #12

  14. Now that I toweled up all the drool… what great pics. All that awesomeness. Then I was clicking on the "here's" only to be brought to other great pics. I can't wait to join in one of those sweet swaps one day. (or when the next one comes about)
    I also noticed you have your adorable shelf hanging on your wall. Bet you are just getting giddy with anticipation to fill that shelf and all those cupboards.
    I too am currently battling Cystitis. (for about the 5th time this year.) I always finish my antibiotics. Oly because I am resistent to them, and prone to massive infections. That is a direct result of my cancer treatments from when I was younger. But I digress.
    I hope you continue to feel better. Thank you for stopping by and seeing me. It's always a pleasure!!! :D Happy Hump day!!! (((HUGS)))
    WOYWW #4

  15. I am loving your new shabby chic shelving up in your room Shoshi and it looks like you are going to have heaps of wonderful storage for your stash. Have a great Week and Happy WOYWW! Danie #14

  16. Your art room is looking fabulous, I'm so jealous!!! Sorry you're not feeling the best and I totally agree with the antibiotics thing. I only ever have them when it's absolutely necessary, same for my kids too. You never know when you might really need them.
    Not long now before you are creating again.
    Have a great week.
    Von #33

  17. What a wonderful post today! I love seeing all the photos of both your gorgeous ATCs and your house. Thank you for your sweet visit. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #11

  18. Bet you can't wait to get in there and play can you?? It's looking fantastic. I don't think we'd be owning classic cars if we had to pay someone else to do all the work, far too costly!

    Brenda 3


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