Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Surgery +3 - an update on yesterday's post

N emailed me last night after I went to sleep so here's yesterday's events in his own words. 

I've spoken to him today and his head is fine. Still a fair bump on it but no ill effects. I'm very glad as it sounded like he fell good and proper last night and I was worried about him. 

I've sent the printed put comments into Shoshi today so hopefully she'll have seen them. I've got more to catch up and send in tomorrow 

Lucy x

Picture of Shoshi in morning after first change of bag which Shoshi I and stoma nurse did together without any accidents or problems. Later in the day there was a problem with her cannula from the syringe driver so no pain relief for about 2 hours till they did it again, a young doctor hurt her hands digging with the needle, .Shoshi hurt and sobbed, not a lot of energy, lot of pain (8 out of 10) and helplessness. glad I was there. Within half an hour the pain was less 3 out of 10.
She is with Nursie bear which I often sent to hospital with patients that understood bears, Horace a new bear given by couple I married to Shoshi, and Mr Humphrey Roberts named after the consultant who did her hysterectomy 20 yrs ago when I got him in London and slipped him under the covers of her ward bed to hold to her tummy He is a Earls Court Aussie platypus.

I was wacked out tonight and fell down in the road and hit my head. Big bump halfway shrunk thanks to Tesco frozen peas. Just having a mug and a rock cake, may have a golden nectar and head to bed soon. All well and no colour. See what tomorrow brings.


  1. Hi
    I am so glad everything went ahead as planned (almost) and Shoshi is doing well.
    Everything is happening as the Gutless Bag Lady expected.
    Sorry to hear about your head ... hope you are feeling less sore too
    janet aka fairythoughts

  2. I am so pleased the surgery went well and the patient looks great! I am a friend from the US and have been visiting through WOYWW! Tell her I'm praying for her speedy recovery! Thinking of patient and husband! Heal quickly!

  3. Some days are diamonds, some days are stones
    Sometimes the hard times won't leave me alone
    Sometimes a cold wind blows a chill in my bones
    Some days are diamonds, some days are stones
    I'm praying for your days to be diamonds and your hard times to be gone.
    God bless you.
    Connie :)

  4. Ooh that is so great that you have your blog being updated and they finally were able to take care of you, I am still praying for a speedy recovery and hopefully the pain will lessen each day. :) ~Stacy

  5. Sorry I haven't had chance to message you before now, been busy with mum.
    Pleased to hear all has gone well could hardly believe they were trying to cancel again! I blame the government! But you are there now and looking on your way to recovery. All the woyww lot are thinking about you. At least you are somewhere warm, the weather has been up and down.
    Left Lincoln yesterday foolishly without a coat because it was so warm, by the time we got to my mum's it was pouring it down, manged to get in the house with use of an umbrella and two minutes later it stopped and the sun came out!!!
    Whatever you do, don't come out until you are absolutely ready. It has taken long enough for you to get in there so don't come out until you are absolutely sure you are ready.
    Pleased to see you smiling and love the teddies.
    Try to have a happy Easter, chocolate eggs are good for making you feel better Lol!
    Angela x

  6. My prayers are with you, Shoshi! Cyberhugs!

  7. Sorry to hear about N's fall - hope he's OK - be careful N . Shoshi sorry to hear about your problems this afternoon after your good morning. Hang in there !!!! You have both done so well. Hugs. Anne x

  8. I am glad you finally had your surgery and that you have experienced beary company to take good care of you. I wish you a quick recovery!

  9. It's great to see Shoshi looking so well and I hope hubby's head is getting better. I hope each day is getting a little easier and the pain is being kept well under control. Please send her my love and tell her I'm thinking of her. Great job being done with the updates -
    With thanks and appreciation,
    Diana x

  10. I cannot believe that Shoshi looks so well and I love her furry family.
    Keep smiling Shoshi, it won't be long before you are able to go home and sleep in your own bed, sit in your own chair and all that.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  11. Stay well and stay strong, you also need to rest as much as you can, you are doing a wonderful job but you need to take care of you too as Shoshi will worry regardless about you. Keep icing it does help. Sending you hugs and love. I am just catching up after an horrendous week with broadcasting,

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda


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