Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Brown and Green Smooshed Distress Ink Boxes for Lavender Sachets

My third post for today. I hope you’re keeping up with me. I’m on a roll with these boxes.

I’m not sure of the correct term for this technique, but I call it smooshing!

20 Two Boxes

To go with two sachets with an orange colour scheme, I have made these two boxes coloured with distress inks. I cut two shapes from blank watercolour paper and began with Spiced Marmalade distress ink. In each case the front side (done first) was bolder than the inside (done second) as much of the ink on the mat had been used up; I didn’t mind a subtler effect inside the boxes.

To begin, I smeared the ink pad over my non-stick craft mat and spritzed it well with water. I then spritzed the watercolour paper shape with water and smooshed it around in the ink.

01 Spiced Marmalade Front

With this first layer, I smooshed it well, so there were no white areas remaining. I built up the layers starting with the lightest colour, and dried it well with my heat gun after completing each colour layer, and with subsequent colours, I did not blend them too much as I didn’t want the effect to be muddy. I love the randomness of this technnique! No two pieces ever end up the same.

This is the back of the pieces.

02 Spiced Marmalade Back

Next colour: Rusty Hinge. This is the front side of the pieces. You can see I have not over-blended the colours.

03 Rusty Hinge Front

Now the backs. More subtle.

04 Rusty Hinge Back

From this point on, I treated the two pieces differently. Firstly, the brown one, using a layer of Brushed Corduroy distress ink. Here is the front.

05 Brushed Corduroy Front

And the back.

06 Brushed Corduroy Back

Going darker, I used Vintage Photo for the final layer on the brown box, seen on the left in the photo below. I also added a little (not so much) to the second box piece. You can see the difference – the second one does not have the Brushed Corduroy. These are the fronts.

07 Vintage Photo Front

And the backs.

08 Vintage Photo Back

With the brown one completed, I continued to work on the second one, which would have green accents. I used Forest Moss distress ink. Here is the front.

09 Forest Moss Front

And the back.

10 Forest Moss Back

In addition to blotting up the remaining ink, I also rubbed this a little, and got these nice streaks. This completes the green one.

I decided to add a few water spatters onto the backs of each piece. I dipped my fingers into my water pot and spattered the water droplets onto the surface and left them for a few minutes so that the water would soak into the ink, and then blotted them with kitchen paper, without rubbing, to remove the water, and with it, some of the ink. This is the result. This is the brown box.

11 Brown Box Inside Water Spatters

This is the green box.

12 Green Box Inside Water Spatters

Here are the two boxes, assembled, together with their respective sachets. You can see that I have outlined each piece, inside and out, with a brown Faber Castell Pitt artist pen, as a finishing touch.

13 Brown and Green Boxes with Sachets

The brown box.

14 Brown Box

The green box.

15 Green Box

This is the brown box, partially opened, showing the sachet inside.

16 Brown Box Partially Open with Sachet

Now fully opened.

17 Brown Box Open with Sachet

The green box, partially opened, with sachet.

18 Green Box Partially Open with Sachet

Fully opened.

19 Green Box Open with Sachet

The two completed boxes.

20 Two Boxes

21 Two Boxes

If I am not too tired later, I may do some more – not sure if I’ll be up to blogging about it till tomorrow, though! Keep watching this space.

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  1. They are lovely Shoshi and yes there are other names for it but it is smooshing. Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela xXx


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