Wednesday, 10 June 2015


I suddenly remembered it was Wednesday, and I actually did have something on my desk for once, so I thought I’d better join in, even if a bit late in the day.

Actually, What is On [My] Workdesk (this) Wednesday is… chaos!

Here’s a general view of that side of the room.

WOYWW 314a 10 June Gen View

I’m not a tidy worker once I get In the Zone and also my ARTHaven does tend to end up a bit of a dumping ground! Let’s zoom in and see what the chaos consists of.

WOYWW 314b 10 June Boxes and Sachets

The above picture shows the plastic tray full of the lavender sachets I am making for my fellow chemo-ites, together with the little one-piece folded boxes I’ve been making to contain them. Also in the tray is most of what I need to sew the sachets, and odd bits of fabric and other bits and pieces.

Moving on round, this is the box of gorgeous stash my friend Marlene sent me yesterday – she’s having a bit of a clear-out and being ruthless about things she thinks she will never use – if that were me, I know that as soon as I gave them away, I’d find a use for them!! Anyway, this is the second parcel she’s sent me, and so far all I’ve done with this one is have a quick look through it, and then put everything back in the box ready to sort and store away.

WOYWW 314c 10 June New Stash from Marlene

Lots of lovely embellishments, charms, ribbons, papers, pens… all sorts!

Moving a bit further around, completely hiding my computer keyboard, is some of the original parcel Marlene sent me, which I have not yet stored away. I have made a start, and have used some of this parcel already, in the making of my lavender sachets.

WOYWW 314d 10 June First Lot of Stash from Marlene

Now to my main work area. On the left at the front, you can see the lavender sachets I made from calico, onto which I stamped with archival ink. I am now working on boxes for these, and you can see the pieces on the craft mat, which have been inked with Old Paper distress ink. To the left you can see my Stampotique Originals Medium Bee stamp which I am going to use. Beside the box cut-outs is my leaf stamp from Designs by Ryn, which I am going to use on the box I am currently working on, which you can see I have coloured with various shades of green distress inks. My Versamark pad is ready beside the stamps. I am going to stamp the other side of the box piece with clear embossing. More details of this in a future blog post. You can also see my water spritzing bottle beside my archival ink pads, and beside that, my water jar which for once has clean water in it!! (Sometimes it gets left dirty for so long that I almost expect it to be growing mushrooms.) Lots of Distress Inks on the right, and a piece of kitchen paper I’ve been using to mop up ink – it’s maturing nicely into a useable piece for backgrounds.

WOYWW 314e 10 June Main Work Area

Moving on again, this is my pull-out unit, which is used for dumping stuff on while I work.

WOYWW 314f 10 June Pull-Out Unit

Today it’s got two Really Useful Boxes on it. The smaller one on the left has my stamping stuff in it, and the one on the right contains my Dylusions and other sprays.Dumped on top is the lid of the stamping box, and underneath you can just make out my pan pastels, and the bag of makeup sponges. Beyond is my Cuttlebug. The pull-out unit’s shelves are for storing various papers and cardstock.

I am hoping to continue working on the boxes tonight. I have very little time to complete this project as I want to take them in to the chemo unit on Friday when I go for my second treatment.

This morning I was there having blood taken from the port in my chest, which wasn’t too pleasant (but I’m such a wimp!). It will get easier! This past week I have been feeling a lot better and have very few side effects from the first treatment, but I am not anticipating feeling so well on Friday evening! The effects are cumulative. I saw the oncologist last Thursday and she was pleased with how I was getting on. They are monitoring my progress carefully.

I am determined to do as much creative stuff as I can during this six months of chemotherapy, even if it does mean the sitting room looks as if World War Three has hit it, with boxes and fabrics and other creative detritus covering every surface! Our cleaning lady was here today and I asked her to clean around everything as usual, and she said, “I can’t polish the table” to which my hubby replied, “What table?” “What cheek!” I say!! Lol!

Happy WOYWW everybody.


  1. your lavender bags are lovely and such a lovely thoughtful gift :) lea #34

  2. Hi Shoshi, good to see you here again. It's lovely seeing your room, now I've seen it 'in the flesh', I
    can picture it well. I'm sure everyone will be so pleased with the lavender sachets, and very appreciative. I hope Friday goes well,and you continue to have mild effects from it. Have a good week, hugs, Shaz #4 xxx

  3. Lots of fun stuff! Love the little sachets! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #51

  4. I am so glad you're being creative.making things takes your mind off worries doesn't it.I love those little boxes for storing the sachets. They'd be fun to make. I think I could make a template for them as I've seen these made with fabric. I'm a messy worker too.My sewing room has fish and bits all over!FUN!!
    Keep playing Shoshi.
    Love Judy

  5. what a really great tour of your working space! TFS. Helen 3

  6. Delighted to hear you sounding so chirpy! The sachets are a great idea and the boxes are a super idea. Thanks formshowing your chaos, though i can do better! You gave me a good idea in using a container for current project bits and pieces. I often start a project with stuff on my desk from the last and then lose something in the mess, wasting time while i find it! Wonderful to see you so busy. Valda

    1. Thanks Valda - I've really enjoyed this project, and the icing on the cake was the quite tremendous response I got from my fellow chemo-ites yesterday when I gave them out. The nurses all absolutely loved what I'd done too and were quite overwhelmed that I wanted to do this. I find it useful to have some sort of tray to put the small stuff in, particularly if I am working downstairs, which I was for this. I was very busy all last week trying to get them completed in time for yesterday when I was in having my treatment, and the next project I am planning (chemo angels!) will be less pressured because I shan't be trying to complete them all in 3 weeks.


  7. Your sachets are a fabulous idea and those boxes are gorgeous. Good luck for friday, stay strong.
    Thinking of you.
    Von #17


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