Friday, 12 June 2015

Green and White Exotic Floral Box for Lavender Sachet, and Cards to Go in the Boxes

This box is to go with the green and white sachet with the cluster of ribbon roses on it.

06 Completed Box Side View

I began by completely inking the box piece made from watercolour paper, using Evergreen Bough distress ink and an Inkylicious Ink Duster.

01 Evergreen Bough DI

I inked both sides, and then added some embossing using white embossing powder and a selection of stamps from my Fantasy Florals set.

02 White Heat Embossing

I had some trouble with this initially because even after trying to dry the piece with my heat gun, it was still a bit damp and the embossing powder kept clinging to the surface where there was no Versamark. In the end I found the best solution was to dust the whole thing with talcum powder first, and then brush it off well, before stamping with the Versamark and applying the embossing powder. As a result of this problem, one of the side motifs isn’t as clear as I’d have liked it.

03 White Heat Embossing Complete

On the inside, I used stamps from the same set, embossing this time with silver embossing powder.

04 Silver Heat Embossing

The completed box, side view. The colour has come out a bit odd in these pictures – it’s not as yellow as this in real life.

06 Completed Box Side View

End view.

07 Completed Box End View

08 Box Partially Open with Sachet

09 Box Fully Open with Sachet

10 Box Fully Open without Sachet

This one was quite fun to do – I love the Fantasy Florals stamps, and I added a few doodles in between with my glue pen and embossed them. Also, I like the colour combination of green and white, and green and silver.

I also made some little cards, each measuring 2 1/2 x 1 3/4 inches to go in each box. I designed these using Serif PagePlus, my desktop publishing software, and created a grid template that I can use again if I want to make these boxes in the future. I printed them out on basic computer card and used the cutting guides I incorporated in the design to cut them accurately with a knife and cutting mat.

Cards to Go in Each Box

Individual Card to Go in Box

Finally, a photo of the first fifteen boxes completed, not including the one in this post.

First Fifteen Boxes

Until tomorrow, I have no idea how many of these I am going to need. I shall take all the ones I’ve managed to make with me, and if I haven’t got enough, I’ll bring them home again and make some more before my next chemo, by which time I will have a better idea of how many people will be attending with me for their treatment.


  1. Just love those fancy boxes.Those floral stamps are a great idea.That tip re talcum powder dusting beforehand..thanks! They look very cute all lined up!

  2. Wow Shoshi, I can't believe how many posts I've missed! I love your beautiful boxes and lavender bags and I'm sure they will be treasured by the people you give them to - it's not only a lovely idea but you have put such love and care into them that each one is a beautiful little work of art. I have so enjoyed browsing through all your blog posts about your boxes, and I've especially enjoyed seeing your lovely rubber stamps and goodies that you've used - the watercolour paintings that your hubby threw away are gorgeous and what a clever way to recycle them. I hope all goes well today with your chemo today, please don't reply, I know it will really take it out of you. Thinking of you and really enjoying seeing your beautiful creativity in full flow again,
    Diana xx

  3. Oh, Shoshi --- how perfect! Every detail makes for a wonderful gift for the recipients. The caring and thoughtfulness that has gone into the creation of each one is a huge component and will be much appreciated, I'm sure of that.Beautifully done. :)

  4. Shoshi even when you are in the treatment and a difficult time of your life you are thinking of others and how to make them comfortable, you really are a one of a kind person and so generous. I love your little boxes and so much love and thought has gone into them all, I am positive they will be well received and lavender is such a healing plant, great for helping people sleep and calm them.

    Thanks for sharing
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  5. Hi Shoshi, you really are becoming prolific with the boxes I was amazed when I saw how many you've made since I last looked. Have a great week and thanks for the visit to mine, Angela xXx


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