Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Red and Black Box for Lavender Sachet

My second post for today – and there’s another to come too! So watch this space.

Another box to go with my lavender sachets.

03 Red and Black Box and Sachet

For this box, I cut the shape from some plain red cardstock.

I wanted to mimic the effect of the black lace web over the red sachet, so I used my glue pen to draw the design on the outside of the box, and embossed it with black embossing powder.

02 Red and Black Box Outside

For the inside, I thought it would be fun to echo the little red checked heart charm on the sachet, so I made a small heart template which I drew around with pencil on the inside of the box piece, and then painted with stripes of white acrylic paint, making sure the paint was watered down sufficiently that it wasn’t too opaque. This gave the gingham effect when I painted the vertical stripes over the horizontal ones.

01 Red and Black Box Inside

I outlined them with a black Faber Castell pitt artist pen, to define their outlines a bit more.

Here is the sachet with its box.

03 Red and Black Box and Sachet

04 Red and Black Box and Sachet

The box partially opened, showing the sachet inside.

05 Red and Black Box Partially Opened with Sachet

The box fully opened, with the sachet.

06 Red and Black Box Fully Opened with Sachet

Finally, here are the five boxes that I have completed so far.

First Five Boxes

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