Monday, 29 June 2015


Daddyhole… what a funny name! According to one website, the origin derives from a natural arch or hole in the cliff which the Victorians named “London Bridge” but which has a much older name – “Devil’s Hole.” In Old English, Daddy was a name for the devil! In some ways I wish I’d never found that out!!

Anyway, today I felt sufficiently better to realise that I was going stir crazy, not having left the house at all for several days. I asked my hubby if we could go out for a while to look at the sea as it was a lovely day, so he took me up to Daddyhole, which is not far from where we live, in Torquay. This is a high-up plateau above the sea, with wonderful views and the air is always fresh. At this time of year there are plenty of wild flowers growing, too.

Coastguard Station.

01 Coastguard Station

This is unfortunately no longer in operation and has been turned into a museum.

I love seaside architecture! It’s so light-hearted. Isn’t this a fun terrace of houses painted in their pretty pastel colours.

02 Pastel Houses

My hubby.

03 N at Daddyhole

04 N Looking at the Sea

A most intriguing little archway to the left of the Coastguard Station with a path leading down the cliff.

05 Intriguing Archway

We found these really weird flowers growing on the cliff top. They look like giant lavender! They were quite large. I have not seen this plant before.

06 Weird Flowers

07 Weird Flowers

View over the bay.

08 The Bay

Looking over the cliff.

09 Looking Down the Cliff

Flowers and railings.

10 Flowers and Railings

Rocks and boats.

11 Rocks and Boats

I love those three rocks strung out across the sea. Lots of sailing boats out today.

The sky was so beautiful today – I think you will agree that the changing cloud formations are gorgeous. The sky and sea were so blue.

A short, but very pleasant trip out – a change of scene and a breath of sea air. OK, I was knackered when we got home, but it was worth it.

Edited later: Pic of me taken by my hubby. I wasn’t aware of him doing it so I’m looking a bit dozy!

Me on Buggy at Daddyhole 29-6-15

Here’s another pic he took the other day, at Anstey’s Cove, another beautiful bit of our Torquay coastline.

Anstey's Cove


  1. I'm so glad you had the energy to get out for a bit. What an awesome place to visit! Your pictures are beautiful.

  2. The pictures of your seaside adventure are lovely Sue, so glad to see you out and about a little. The sea does nourish the soul, a great choice for an outing.

  3. It's great to see you out and about. Shoshi. It looks like you had a lovely time.

  4. What wonderful photos of a beautiful place! Pleased you were able to get out to enjoy it ... and love your hair!

  5. What lovely photos! I'm glad you have been able to get out and about. And thank you for taking me with you to Daddyhole and the Torquay coast. It is truly magnificent.
    Big hug

  6. Wow, what beautiful scenery! Thank you for sharing pics of some of your part of the world, probably the only way I will ever see it and it is gorgeous! I am glad you got to get out and get a breath of sea air and hope you feel better shortly and the chemo doesn't wipe you out too badly. Will keep you in my prayers and so glad I found your site.


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