Sunday, 7 June 2015

Foiling Success, and More Calico Lavender Sachets

I’ve now had the chance to complete the foiling project which I started the other day.

01 Foiling on Fabric with Rubber Stamps

I applied the foil glue to the fabric by painting it onto a rubber stamp and stamping carefully onto the fabric. To get a good impression, and because the foam on the cling mount of the new stamps is rather hard, I used a foam mat under the fabric. I left the glue to dry fully, and then laid the foil, shiny side up, over the glue and rubbed it firmly with the back of a fingernail, peeling the foil back carefully to check that I had not missed any.

This is the result.

02 Foiled Dragonflies on Fabric

I am quite pleased with this. These small rectangles can now be made up into more lavender sachets. This fabric is rather thin, so I may need to back these pieces with calico before making up.

I am very pleased with the Jones Tones foiling kit that I bought. There are some cases when you really do have to use the right equipment for the job, and no glue in my possession was working properly. I am keen to try more foiling in future as I love the effect. I have discovered that you can also apply foil using iron-on interfacing and I am eager to try this technique too.

Last night I completed five more lavender sachets made from calico, onto which I had stamped different images using archival inks in a selection of colours.

14 5 Stamped Calico Lavender Sachets

The top one, with the blue butterfly, has been edged with pale blue ribbon. All the others were edged with finger-crocheted yarn (finger-crocheted because I couldn’t be bothered to go up and find a crochet hook!).

I have now completed a total of fifteen lavender sachets – I am not sure how many I shall need, but I’ve got a few more pieces of fabric cut and ready to make up, so I shall complete those and hope it’s enough! Next step is the little boxes to put them in, and these will have to be made in my ARTHaven as I really can’t bring all the stuff I need downstairs! I am hoping to get these completed by Friday, when I go in for my second chemo treatment, so that I can start giving them to my fellow chemo-ites.


  1. I am sure the recipients of your lavender sachets will be over the moon. It is such a lovely gesture.
    I am glad your foiling turned out well. I have found that it can ne a little hit and miss some times.

  2. Wow, you haven't let the grass grow under your feet - you are moving right along! I'm interested in the fusible interfacing technique you mentioned. You'll have to let us know how it turns out if you try it.

  3. The foiling is beautiful! Love those sachets. My chosen sister made one for me awhile back (she is an excellent cross-stitcher), and it has become a prized possession. I think it's awesome that you are making these for others who are going through chemo. Good on you, Shoshi.


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