Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Dylusions Ink Sprays–My First Attempts

Warning: Photo rich post! – but juicy! Enjoy!

Watching some of Dyan Reaveley’s videos on how to use her awesome eye-popping inks, I thought I’d better get prepared with lots of bits of paper for mopping up! These can be made into backgrounds. A while ago I found some good quality watercolour paper in my hubby’s bin – reject drawings he’d done – and I rescued them post haste as they are blank on the back! Some are a bit grubby but that doesn’t matter because they’ll be covered up anyway. I started to trim them and realised that the row of holes along the edge were complete and not ripped – he’d obviously removed them from the binding without tearing them – and these strips could be used as stencils! (Shoshi thinking outside the box lol!)

I’ve cut some approximately A5 and some A6, and I’ve also got some spare blank ATCs but that card isn’t that brilliant if you get it wet, so we shall have to see.

Colours sprayed onto 4 A6 pieces of watercolour paper which had been spritzed with water…

Blotted off. I love the kitchen roll used as a roller to blot off the ink! These sheets will be made into “hand-made” paper later, or cut up and made into more flowers!

More colours added.

More water added, more colour, blotted, more water… Stencil added, more water, leave for a minute or two, blot off for ghosting effect… (See Dyan’s videos for more detail!) Oh, this is SO much fun…

I am about to do a flower swap with Judy of Judy’s Fabrications, and have decided to kill two birds with one stone and colour the flower pieces while experimenting with my new inks. (More on the flowers later.) I thought I’d use them as masks while spraying them – sprayed with ink and then water…

blotted and removed.

Backs of flowers smooshed on craft mat and then re-sprayed, and an ATC blotted against flowers…

and smooshed on craft mat and resprayed…

and stencilled off with the perforated strips…

and again, with the honeycomb stencil…

Oh heck, look at the BACK!! NOW what am I going to do? How on earth do I choose which side to use!!!

Goodness, I haven’t had so much fun for ages.

My hubby’s just brought in a cup of tea for me so I’m going to have to tear myself away and drink it. Meantime, just look at the state of my hands… (actually, they got a LOT worse later on!)

And just look at this gorgeous kitchen paper! This is definitely not going in the bin!

I think I’d better stop this post now or it will go on forever! More later, I promise!


  1. I can see you are having great fun! The colours are gorgeous. I guess half the secret is knowing when to stop. What a lot of useful pieces you have made. I look forward to seeing the flowers. Kate x

  2. WooHooo Shoshi!These vibrant pieces are just up my tree!!Love what you're doing with them.We are calling into a Scrap shop a fair way from us, but near where we have to look for something for Mum(new toilet seat raiser-fun huh..hehe?!!).The shop is called Charlotte's Web and it is GORGEOUS!!I'll have a look for those paints.You could use scrunched up water colour paper and see what happens.Or make wet, scrunch then spray. Does hubby paint?
    Judy x

  3. Love your dylusions experiments. I just love those colours x Happy WOYWW x

  4. Your just having too much fun Shoshi!!! ;D
    Brilliant work ~ It always looks like a great amount of creativity happens in your space....enjoy!
    Happy WOYWW ~ Neesie #13

  5. Woohoo. This is being a 'pig in mud'. I love it to bits. Isn't skin a miracle, the way it just recovers from whatever gets on it.
    Said I'd have a look around.


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