Monday, 2 July 2012

Zentangle: More ATCs and some Miniature Art

Warning – lots of pictures, but I’ve tried to keep them small!

As I started to recover from my really rough week of feeling poorly, I reclined on the recliner (best place for reclining imo lol!!) and worked on some more ATCs for the WOYWW swap that’s been going on. Everyone who has sent me their gorgeous ATCs (thanks everyone!) has been most patient with me, and they can rest assured that their ATCs will soon be on the way, but before sending them off I photographed them and thought I’d share them on here. In due course, I shall be doing a post about all the ATCs I’ve received.

I haven’t yet decided who’s getting what, so you’ll just have to wait and see!

Here’s a variation on the Three Fish with Seaweed, with a bit more detail in it than the original one:

Three Fish with Seaweed 2

Another Poppies ATC (this one doesn’t really qualify as a zentangle as there aren’t any patterns on it):

Poppies 2

Herbaceous Border:

Herbaceous Border




Pebbles 1

I love the current craze for the variations on the old WWII poster “Keep Calm and Carry On” – you can “Keep Calm” and “do whatever you like” these days, and some of the variations are great fun! (Reminds me of the car stickers that said “xyz do it…” my favourite being “Cornishmen do it drackly”!!! Lol! But I digress…) This is my take on it, specially for the WOYWW birthday (should have put 3 candles on really – only thought of it when it was too late!) – Keep Calm and Eat Cake! (Since photographing this one, I have been over the candle flame and letters with Glossy Accents.)

Keep Calm and Eat Cake

I also did three black and white ones which I think have come out really well. I love working with colour, but I always come back to black and white which has such impact, being pattern and monochrome shading alone. The first is Vortex:

Vortex 1

Dress Form (this is a theme I am considering developing):

Dress Form 1

and finally, Serpentine. (Hope the recipient of this one isn’t frightened of snakes – it’s just a pattern so nothing to be afraid of!) Some of the patterns have a definite resemblance to snakeskin so I thought I’d combine them in a nice snake-in-the-grass design.


In all my zentangle art you will notice my favourite patterns recurring – there’s a huge vocabulary of patterns out there, but I do have certain favourites that I tend to use again and again because they are lovely to look at, interesting to do, and relatively easy.

Here’s a picture of all the zentangle ATCs I’ve done to date, with the exception of the couple that have already been sent out.

ATCs for WOYWW Swap

I’ve just realised I haven’t uploaded the photos of the coloured cards I did for the craft show. What I did with these was to draw the black and white outlines and scan them, so that I could print them out and colour them afterwards. This meant that when I want to do more cards, I can repeat the process, and maybe alter the colour scheme if I want, and save some time. Now I’ve got photos of the coloured ones I can just print them out and use them, too. These little pictures measure 3 x 3 inches square, ready for matting and layering onto A6-sized cards.


16 Starfish 3x3


15 Octopus 3x3

Necklace 1 (blue):

13 Necklace 1 Blue 3x3

Necklace 1 (purple):

12 Necklace 1 Purple 3x3

Necklace 2:

14 Necklace 2 3x3


11 Pineapple 3x3

Clown Fish:

10 Clown Fish 3x3

Elephant (I’ve become quite fond of him!):

09 Elephant 3x3

Cheese Plant (I particularly like how this turned out, using just a subtle suggestion of pattern without bordering lines):

08 Cheese Plant 3x3

Blue Tropical Fish – this one shows particularly well the blending capabilities of the Derwent Inktense pencils:

07 Blue Tropical Fish 3x3

Tutti-Fruiti Ice Cream:

06 Tutti Fruiti Ice Cream 3x3

Chocolate Mint Chip Ice Cream:

05 Chocolate Mint Chip Ice Cream 3x3

Blue Kimono:

04 Blue Kimono 3x3

Purple Kimono:

03 Purple Kimono 3x3

Hopefully I shall now be getting back into the swing of things again. First step, get these ATCs ready for posting, and biggest decision of all, trying to decide who gets what! Then I shall replenish my stock of zentangle cards and honour the various orders for them, and the coasters, that I’ve had – if anyone else wants coasters I will have to put in an order for them. I’ve got the 2 original boxed sets (Design Set 1 and Design Set 2) and also some individual ones mounted in plastic. More on this later.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!


  1. The ATC's all look great. I hope your are feeling much better soon. It is so hard not to overdo things at times!

  2. wow, you have been BUSY!! I am loving the zentangled ATC's, they are beautiful! Keep calm and zentangle on! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. Oh Sue, Your ATC's are FANTASTIC!!I have really neglected my drawing of late, but seeing your has me inspired again. So glad you've been creating again! Isn't it exciting to get lovelies in the post!
    Judy McC X

  4. Pleased you are back! Great work as usual - love all that you do!

  5. Such beautiful work - you really are an inspiration! I love checking back here regularly and seeing what you've created.

  6. They all look scrumptious but for some reason the pebble one stands out for me

  7. These are all amazing Sue, love every one of them, they are all so special.And yes, scanning them in so you keep the 'real' one and make loads from the others is a good idea. I even sent scanned cartoons off to the newspapers when I did that...very really did they get the 'real' one. Think I'm off to have another go at zentangling!

  8. I am in awe of such stunning zentangles! You have inspired me to try to do more, thank you. I wish you well and look forward to seeing more of your work :0)

    1. Thanks TwinkleToes! I don't seem to be able to get onto your blog to post any comments, so thought I'd reply here, and hope that you see it.

      Glad you like my art work, and so glad it's encouraging you to do more too!


  9. OMG ....I am blown away with these ...not sure I could ever atempt to zentangle again as it could only be deacribed as scribbles.xx

  10. Hi Shoshi, I am back yet again. Please can you email me at as I would love to buy the blue tropical fish from you, it at all possible? Thanks for your response to my comment on WOYWW too. Anne x

    PS I am off to bed now, but if you do email tonight I will pick it up first thing. A x

  11. Hi Shoshi,

    OMG - love your zentangles. Yes, I can see why the elephant would be one of your favorites - as he is one of mine. I also love the kimonos! Well, the blue fish is lovely too..... can you see a theme here?

    I'm just visiting WOYWW posts today as I was off celebrating my independence yesterday. I didn't know Keep Calm and Carry On was from WWII. Interesting factoid.


  12. These are all so amazing - quite a few have 'grabbed' me but I think the dress form is my favourite - I have a real thing about black and white. Glad you are recovering - you are certainly achieving a lot if these photos are anything to go by!

  13. Shoshi...ALL of your ART you've drawn is GORGEOUS ma'am!!! You are truly VERY gifted!!!!


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